Alice Systems signs breakthrough contract with Vodafone UK

Alice Systems signs contract with Vodafone UK for immediate delivery of Alice Login. Alice Login, the GPRS software client developed by Alice Systems, is a key element in the Vodafone GPRS launch. The network went live on April 2.

Vodafone UK has placed an order for immediate deployment of Alice Login for the UK market. Alice Login, which is branded "Vodafone Remote Access Client" by Vodafone, is an integral part in the Vodafone UK GPRS offering. Vodafone UK is initially focusing its GPRS offering on the corporate segment, for which the main added value of GPRS is the possibility to be connected to the corporate LAN without paying for the time on-line but instead paying for the amount of data sent and received. By using Alice Login, Vodafone UK can offer its customers an easy to use application allowing remote access to corporate networks over GPRS.

"We are extremely proud to announce that Vodafone UK, the UK's favourite mobile phone network, has decided to offer Alice Login to its customers when launching their GPRS services." says Jörgen Lantto, president of Alice Systems.

The agreement between Vodafone UK and Alice Systems means that Vodafone will offer Alice Login to their business customers under Vodafone's product name "Vodafone Remote Access Client". The Agreement currently covers Vodafone UK but may be extended to Vodafone's other global networks after an evaluation process.

"We have chosen to deploy Alice Login to our UK customers because we are fully committed to offer our customers user friendly GPRS services " says John Smith, Core Products Managing Director at Vodafone UK. "The feedback from users of our field trials and internal evaluations have been very positive and we are pleased to enter this agreement with Alice Systems."

Alice Login offers single-click and secure connections over GPRS to corporate networks. It is fully compliant with industry standards for corporate networks and it uniquely supports all available GPRS terminals. Alice Login stimulates the use of GPRS and Mobile Internet by making GPRS user friendly and adds value to the corporate users by making corporate network access possible virtually anywhere.

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