Anystream Integrates PacketVideo MPEG-4 Encoder Within Agility™ Architecture

Anystream, Inc., an Internet infrastructure software company specializing in enterprise-class streaming media encoding technology, and PacketVideo Corporation, the recognized leader in wireless multimedia, today announced a technology alliance in which Anystream clients may easily create content for delivery to wireless devices. Anystream will be incorporating PacketVideo’s MPEG-4 compliant codec into its entire Agility encoding product family for commercial availability in the first half of 2001.

“Anystream’s goal is to place no limits on the number, and variety, of versions that content creators can produce via our massively scalable streaming media encoding platform,” said Geoff Allen, president and CEO of Anystream. “We believe that consumers desire the richest possible content experience, regardless of their Internet device or physical location. Existing wireless networks are increasingly being used for IP data transmission, and adoption of streaming media over these and forthcoming 2.5G and 3G networks is inevitable. PacketVideo’s encoding technology is particularly attractive because it is based on the MPEG-4 standard, which was designed to enable content companies to encode once – over multiple bit rates – and distribute everywhere over many mediums, including cable, satellite and PacketVideo’s specialty, wireless,” Allen said.

PacketVideo’s multimedia software platform is an end-to-end solution designed to provide multimedia encoding, distribution and decoding services that support all major digital wireless telephony standards in use today as well as next-generation wireless networks currently being developed.

“PacketVideo aims to make it as easy as possible for all players in the streaming media value chain to produce, package and deliver video for mobile consumers,” said Robert Tercek, president of PacketVideo’s Applications & Services Division. “By working with Anystream, significant amounts of PacketVideo encoded content can now be created in a predictable, automated fashion, using technology already deployed within some of the world’s most demanding content and broadcasting environments. We look forward to exploring the ways in which Anystream’s streaming media technology can facilitate wireless streaming even further,” he added. Anystream’s Agility architecture-based product family includes: its flagship Agility Enterprise™ encoding platform, used today by clients such as CNN Interactive, Digital Island, NFL Films and to automate production, management and distribution of streaming media; the Agility Workgroup™ encoder, delivering streaming production automation to post-production houses, independent producers and media professionals; and Agility Edge™, which brings streaming media encoding to the edge of the Internet for CDNs and ISPs.

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