Aspect Communications Unveils First in Series of Wireless Applications

Wireless Initiatives Extend Multichannel Contact Center Offering for Live- and Self-Service to Mobile Devices

Aspect Communications Corporation (Nasdaq:ASPT), the leading provider of contact servers for managing customer transactions across all communication channels, today announced Aspect Mobile Banking -- a secure, wireless mobile banking application that provides live- and self-service applications to customers using Palm devices and cell phones. It is built on Aspect's contact server to ensure that all customer transactions, regardless of communication channel, are passed to the correct self- or live-service resource and that the resource has all the customer context and data. Aspect's solution is not a "silo" application; instead, it is integrated with existing contact center and enterprise resources, so end-customers have consistent service regardless of the channel. This solution, a part of Aspect's wireless initiatives, will be shown at the Communications Solutions Expo in Washington, D.C., May 23-25.

"By offering this solution, Aspect enables businesses to provide contact center support for another emerging customer communication channel -- wireless devices. Customers expect a consistent level of customer service whether they use wireline or wireless communication channels to contact an enterprise. Aspect's contact server platform integrates wireless self-service applications with multichannel contact centers instead of treating them as `silos'," said Katrina Howell, a top analyst in the Customer Contact Technology Practice of Frost & Sullivan, a market research company.

"Aspect is working to deliver a broad range of integrated mobile solutions to help the financial, travel and retail industries reduce their operational costs, extend their brand, build customer loyalty and build competitive advantage," said David Puglia, Aspect's senior vice president of marketing.

Aspect Mobile Banking allows consumers to access a range of services for their accounts. Consumers can check credit limits in real time, check account balances, perform account transactions such as fund transfers and stop payments, pay bills and receive alerts and notifications using Palm devices and cell phones. Aspect's contact server ensures that the consumer will be able to reach a knowledgeable agent, if desired, at any stage of the transaction. By tracking all transactions performed on the mobile devices, Aspect's contact server provides complete context of the current transaction to the agent immediately upon connection. This results in rapid problem resolution and improved customer service.

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