Astea, Synchrologic Partner to Help Businesses Deploy Mobile CRM for Field Service

First Order Placed for 2,300 AllianceEnterprise EveryWareUR Users

Astea has found that providing the tools, customer data, and infrastructure to manage customer relationships from locations outside the corporate headquarters is a daunting task.

Astea International Inc. (Nasdaq:ATEA) and Synchrologic Inc. today announced a partnership designed to ease those challenges. Astea will base its new family of untethered mobile CRM applications, known as `EveryWareUR' (UR for Untethered Remote), on Synchrologic's iMobile Suite, which links mobile workers to vital corporate data, while helping IT reduce the time and complexity of managing mobile devices.

The partnership launches at the beginning of Astea's second quarter with an initial order for 2,300 EveryWareUR users from one of Astea's premier customers.

"Astea is focused on establishing partner relationships that bring immediate value to our customers," said Jim Kirby, vice president of sales and marketing at Astea International. "EveryWareUR is generating tremendous interest from our existing customers as well as prospects."

EveryWareUR enables businesses managing field service operations to support mobile employees by providing functionally critical information on handheld devices and laptops. Field employees download assignments but retain real-time online access privileges and can upload and download information at any time.

This combination of both offline and online access allows workers to travel with decision-support and administrative tools, improving productivity, customer interaction and revenue recovery.

"Astea needed a way to synchronize data, distribute software and manage systems for laptops and handheld devices," said John Dancu, president and chief operating officer at Synchrologic. "Giving more capabilities to mobile workers frees up overextended IT managers. Now, companies can keep critical business information private while updating records from remote locations. This is becoming a necessity, especially for companies that sell and service customers in transmission-restricted areas."

"We needed an experienced partner in data synchronization for mobile and wireless devices to help us adapt `EveryWareUR' applications for Pocket PC handhelds and laptops," said Greg Cicio, Astea's director of business development. "We were impressed by Synchrologic's track record in CRM and client list. We believe iMobile Suite is the most advanced software of its type to integrate with our mobile eCRM application."

The EveryWareUR family of untethered remote solutions is part of Astea's AllianceRemote Suite of mobile CRM options offered with the AllianceEnterprise eCRM Suite.

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