Cayman Introduces Wireless Broadband Gateway Based On 802.11B Standard

Cayman's Latest Offering Connects All Forms of Broadband

Cayman Systems, the leading provider of intelligent broadband gateways for the home, home office and small business, today announced the availability of the 2EH-W11 Broadband Gateway. This product features an Ethernet WAN connection allowing home networking features to easily be added to existing modems in cable, DSL, fixed wireless, and satellite applications.

"Our goal is to offer easy to install products that provide the ultimate in network flexibility regardless of the flavor of high speed access available to you," said Peter N. Vicars, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cayman Systems, Inc. "The 2EH-W11 utilizes an Ethernet WAN connection offering advanced broadband services to everyone regardless of their high speed connection technology. Simply connect this product to your existing modem and your high speed connection is available wherever you are, with no new wires! "

Interoperability between wireless LAN products from different equipment manufacturers ensures an inexpensive wireless solution that can seamlessly interconnect handheld personal computers, PDAs, laptops or desktop computers. A data rate of 10Mbps and higher allows this technology to match the data rate of the majority of wired LANs.

The 2EH-W11 includes Cayman's "easy-to-use, hard-to-misuse"(TM) technology allowing a true "plug-and-play" installation while Cayman's firewall software adds advanced security and protection from outside intruders. A range of softwareupgrade options are also available that provide features geared toward telecommuting and home office applications.

Cayman was the first gateway provider to incorporate wireless LAN technologies allowing end-users to completely network their homes wirelessly. With the addition of the 2EH-W11product, Cayman can now bring their wireless solutions to users of all broadband technologies.

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