Cooper Health System to Deploy Numoda Wireless SmartBILL to Automate Charge Capture

Numoda Corporation announced today that Cooper Health System is deploying its mobile wireless SmartBILL* application to automate physician charge capture using handheld computers and Numoda's patented wireless client-server technology.

Cooper will outfit each of its physicians with PDAs running the Palm OS and featuring wireless functionality. Each device will be equipped with the Numoda SmartBILL, a dynamic digital application designed to permit physicians to capture billing information at the point of care and to immediately transmit the data via wireless, bi-directional synchronization. The Numoda SmartBILL applications will be tailored to reflect the unique billing requirements of each physician specialty.

Numoda's wireless client-server technology, optimized for the wireless environment, will support the automated charge capture solution. This enabling technology will allow physicians to retrieve scheduling information and certain patient data to help them complete their daily hospital rounds, expedite claims submission and accelerate revenues, decrease the amount of missing and lost in-patient charges, make available patient demographic information, and reduce patient charge lag.

The Numoda SmartBILL product permits the wireless transmission of charges and other data directly to back-end healthcare information systems, in sharp contrast to cradle-based solutions, which reduce caregiver mobility and require parallel sets of hardware and software. The Numoda SmartBILL product also avoids the connectivity and bandwidth problems presented by WAP-oriented mobile systems.

"Using handheld devices loaded with Numoda SmartBILL will speed time to revenue by providing cleaner claims, more quickly," said Cooper Health System CEO, Leslie Hirsch. "This is the first in a series of Numoda products that Cooper will be implementing, designed to create greater value and efficiencies throughout the entire Cooper Health System," he added.

"I know Les has a firm focus on creating enormous value for his organization and his constituency by elevating the quality of care and creating operational efficiencies with a keen eye on ROI." said Mary S. Schaheen, President and CEO of Numoda Corporation.

In conjunction with the IT department at Cooper, Numoda will launch a series of "smart products" designed to enhance quality of care and productivity.

"We selected Numoda after carefully reviewing many wireless providers, including most of the major players." Said Simon J Samaha MD & VP IT/CIO of Cooper. "Numoda is the only company that came with true wireless solutions and worked with us to provide the right solution for our problems."

Numoda already has smart products deployed for clinical trials, financial services, insurance, hospice care, home healthcare and specific SFA/CRM applications.

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