EarthLink Launches Wireless E-Mail Service on Motorola's Trendy Talkabout T900 2-Way

Newest 'EarthLink Everywhere' Service Connects On-the-Go Users to Their Primary and Most Valuable E-Mail Address

Continuing its mission to extend its business beyond the traditional desktop PC and to make the Internet more accessible to consumers, EarthLink (Nasdaq:ELNK) today formally launched its second wireless e-mail solution -- this time on the popular Motorola Talkabout(R) 2-way model T900.

EarthLink's new wireless product -- part of the "EarthLink Everywhere" initiative -- lets consumers send and receive e-mail from their primary e-mail address -- any time, from anywhere! Talkabout T900s using EarthLink's wireless e-mail service come with an EarthLink e-mail account and can also be configured to send and receive e-mail from most other open-standard Internet e-mail addresses.

Consumers can sign up for the service online at

"This is a great product for people who want the convenience of on-the-go wireless communication seamlessly integrated with their most important e-mail address," said Lance Weatherby, executive vice president of EarthLink's "EarthLink Everywhere" initiative. "Our newest wireless service lets users communicate with anyone through their e-mail address, whether they're PC-based e-mail users, Talkabout T900 users or people with other wireless devices."

With today's initial Talkabout T900 offering, EarthLink subscribers can direct their existing e-mail accounts to be delivered to their handheld device, where they can reply, forward, delete and store e-mails.

Available in four popular colors, the Talkabout T900 weighs less than 4 ounces and is only about the size of a large pack of gum. The unit has a full QWERTY keyboard and four-line display screen that allow for easy reading and composing of messages.

Its address book accommodates information for up to 250 contacts and makes it easy to remember important numbers and e-mail addresses for friends, family and colleagues.

EarthLink plans to add additional services and capabilities to its Talkabout T900 offering, including Instant Messaging, content delivery, enhanced preferences and mailing list capabilities. Today's service offering is priced at $124.95 for the purchase of the T900 unit (plus tax and shipping), with a monthly service fee of $24.95.

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