Ericsson chosen by KPN Mobile as primary UMTS supplier to networks in three countries

Ericsson has been selected by KPN Mobile as primary supplier for its UMTS networks in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Ericsson will be the sole supplier for the core network and is one of two suppliers for the radio network.

Deliveries will begin in September to the three operators - KPN Mobile in the Netherlands, E-Plus in Germany, and KPN Orange in Belgium. Pilot portions of the networks will be in operation by the end of the year.

With their three-country, one network strategy, KPN Mobile addresses a population of more than 16.5 million clients and becomes one of the largest operators in Europe, offering seamless 3G services throughout the three countries.

"KPN naturally prides itself on its ability to provide the highest quality, innovative communications services," says Wim van den Berg, Vice President, Group Operations, KPN Mobile. "We have together with Ericsson, our long-standing supplier, been building up 3G competence with activities including just for example pre-studies, workshops, test systems, application development, and much more. We are convinced Ericsson is the right 3G partner for us."

"We are delighted and honored that KPN has selected Ericsson when making this important choice. We will deliver the first 3G network for three countries," said Mats Dahlin, head of Ericsson Mobile Systems. "Ericsson and KPN enjoy a strong relationship, and this 3G agreement is a reaffirmation of Ericsson's strengths both as a communications technology leader and as a business partner with consistent and reliable solutions."

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