Ericsson the first mobile phone manufacturer to become SyncML certified

Ericsson further proves its leading position in the area of synchronization by becoming the first mobile phone manufacturer to SyncML certify two GPRS phones. SyncML certification means that the phones have passed a set of requirements to ensure that products are fully conformant to the SyncML specification and interoperable with each other regardless of network. Ericsson will have products supporting SyncML in the market during 2001.

Remote synchronization is a new and important application especially for GPRS and 3G networks. Synchronization enables consumers to keep their calendars and phone books always updated regardless of where they are. Business applications, such as maintaining updated price lists and order stock for mobile sales forces, is facilitated through powerful synchronization technologies. Synchronization also means new revenue opportunities for network operators due to increased traffic in the networks.

SyncML is an open synchronization standard that will make it possible to remotely synchronize regardless of network, server or device. Device manufacturers do not need to worry about supporting a multitude of synchronization schemes in their devices and applications developers can be sure that their customers can benefit from the application regardless of device and network used.

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