Eruptor Entertainment Launches PortaBush -- Wireless Entertainment That Puts George W. in the Palm of Your Hand

Hot On The Heels Of PortaPam(TM), Eruptor Moves Into The Uncharted Waters of Wireless Presidential Parody

Eruptor Entertainment(TM), a leading wireless entertainment company, announced the launch of their newest PortaPet(TM), PortaBush(TM), continuing to bring a little entertainment and a lot of humor to handheld computers everywhere.

PortaBush, which can be downloaded to handheld computers using the Palm(TM) Operating System, can be found at The application is available for free with 25 percent of its features and can be purchased online for $4.99, providing full access to all functions.

The virtual president will allow users to help run our great nation, but hopefully not into the ground! Wake George up when he's asleep on the job, fight off Al Gore when he asks for a recount, answer calls to pass or veto bills, pig out on Texas BBQ, hit "The Button" to blow up any number of people or places, and lower your stress by drinking yourself silly!

All in a day's work for the most powerful man in the (wireless) world! But don't forget to keep an eye on your stats, because if you don't keep the weight off and popularity high, impeachment could be right around the corner! Do it right, and it's four more years!

PortaBush also features dubious "Dubya" quotes, including: "If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure," and "The future will be a better tomorrow." He just makes it so easy ... and his "To Do List" is not to be missed.

With the success of PortaPam, based on celebrity/icon Pamela Anderson, has experienced a three-fold increase in traffic and achieved more than 400,000 downloads for the entire PortaPets franchise. The property consists of the PortaFish, PortaKitty and PortaMonkey, among others. With such success, Eruptor continues to lead the charge in creating wireless entertainment for the more than 13 million handheld computers on the market today.

"PortaBush captures the Eruptor spirit of edgy humor. We wanted to follow up our hit PortaPam with an entertainment software application that would appeal to the broadest demographic. George W's persona was a PortaPet waiting to happen! What better way to showcase our topical humor than with the most powerful man in the world?" said Brad Foxhoven, president and chief executive officer of Eruptor Entertainment.

Eruptor continues to enhance its online distribution network by creating partnerships with consumer destination sites in various markets. Most recently, and for the launch of PortaBush, Eruptor has formed an arrangement with The Comedy Lab (, a site that attracts three million unique visitors per month. The Comedy Lab also has provided content to Eruptor for PortaBush in the form of Bush's daily reminders, which can be accessed by pushing the "To Do List" button on Palm OS devices.

Eruptor has established strategic deals with numerous other celebrities and personalities, as well as major film studios, television networks, character-based entertainment entities and consumer brand companies for the production and worldwide distribution of wireless content.

Through such opportunities, the company has become an overnight sensation in the burgeoning wireless entertainment sector, and its applications have helped speed the growth of this new area within a market that has catered primarily to professionals. Eruptor creates applications that appeal to younger Palm users as well as professionals who are looking for more than checking their daily schedules and address books.

Riding on the success of PortaPets, Eruptor is well positioned to expand its wireless business across multiple mobile platforms, various handheld hardware devices and numerous emerging formats. The company will continue to roll out new wireless entertainment product lines in 2001, branching into games, digital trading cards, videos and additional original franchise properties.

PortaBush was developed and created by highly regarded animator, Michael Dougherty, and programmer, Brian Kokernak, who also developed the PortaPets franchise. The PortaPets create an entertaining diversion from standard handheld computer programs, providing people animated characters with an irreverent attitude to play with, care for and be harassed by.

The entire PortaPets line is available for download at,,, and numerous other English language and international Web sites dedicated to Palm OS(R)-based applications.

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