Heineken Pushes the China SMS Envelope

Groove Street and Linktone join forces to provide wireless interactive solutions for the Heineken SuperClub Events in Guangdong

Shanghai, 24th April 2001 - Groove Street, China's leading technology-empowered marketing company, and Linktone, China's leading wireless service provider, have joined forces to provide Heineken with an innovative wireless solution for the Heineken SuperClub DJ Dance Party in Guangzhou and Shenzhen on May 18th and 19th.

Groove Street is licensing Linktone's SMS platform and technical consulting services to create its customized thru-the-line marketing solution for Heineken. Heineken's ability to leverage its existing marketing to drive interactive and wireless marketing communications differentiates the beer company from its competitors.

"The exciting part of this project is its ability to interact with Heineken's target audience -- online, offline, and even during event. We have allowed seamless, direct, real-time interaction between the user and Heineken, and on that user's own terms," said Josh Perlman, Managing Director of Groove Street. "To our knowledge, this is the first time something like this has been done in Mainland China and heralds exciting opportunities for major brands like Heineken looking for new ways to talk with their consumer."

In the first phase of the campaign, Groove Street is utilizing Linktone's SMS Enterprise Platform to distribute short messages from the Heineken website. Marketing techniques drive traffic to the Heineken SuperClub website (www.HeinekenChina.com/SuperClub ) where users register, are profiled, and entered into the Heineken Database. In exchange for their personal information, consumers that opt-in for the SMS campaign receive 2 SMS communications immediately: a Heineken-branded Mobile Screensaver as well as an SMS encouraging them to buy a ticket to the event. Mobile users can then forward these details to friends, the all-important viral aspect to the marketing campaign.

In the second phase of the project, users will employ more advanced SMS functionality. For example, when a consumer purchases a ticket for SuperClub, he or she will be given a coupon containing a unique identifying code. Users will then send this code over Linktone's SMS platform to Heineken's mobile database, that user's profile is updated, and they are instantly enrolled into a lucky draw competition. Winners of the Heineken lucky draw will be notified via SMS during the event.

This demonstrates the powerful marketing and promotional capabilities of Mobile Originated (MO) technologies recently developed by Linktone. The MO functionality facilitates two-way communication between an enterprise and consumers, a milestone for using SMS as an enterprise solution application. Linktone MO's key benefits lie in its ability to be both interactive and viral - crucial components of Heineken's marketing campaign.

"MO is much more than a retail consumer application," said Linktone CEO Nick Zhang. "Heineken's SuperClub event demonstrates its effectiveness when used in enterprise driven campaigns."

Added Aymeric Fraise, Groove Street's Director of Partner Relationship Management: "The beauty of this campaign is that partygoers are serving as both the Heineken consumer and marketer - they can promote the event by forwarding the Heineken-branded short messages to their friends. SMS works nicely due to its simplicity, popularity and reach, especially among the event's tech-savvy target audience."

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