First full-function, easily ported Java platform mobilizes e-business with “always available” Java applications for Palm OS

AKada? Systems, a leading provider of solutions that enable Java? applications for mobile e-business, today introduced the Kada Mobile Platform? (Kada Mobile?) for the Palm OS, the industry?s smallest, fastest, most complete and easily ported Java application platform for mobile devices.

Kada Systems is enabling the next generation of powerful applications for mobile devices by offering developers a single deployment platform for smart handhelds. Powered by Kada?s breakthrough clean room implementation of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Kada Mobile allows developers to test, optimize and deploy applications to leading mobile environments.

"Our users need the ability to compute on their handheld devices while they?re out in the field, and then later synchronize that data to their enterprise systems," said Sumit Sinha, software consultant, Baton Rouge International, Inc. "The Kada Mobile Platform takes mobile device operability to a new level by putting full-featured Java on the Palm, allowing the user to download complete Java applications, access that information offline, and then synchronize the data updates to their online database. Always available applications are exactly what the mobile market has been missing. Kada?s Mobile Platform for Java is what mobilizing e-business is all about, and what Kada Systems has made possible for the end-user."

The number of mobile workers has exploded over the past ten years and reliance on mobile devices has become a business imperative. IDC forecasts the worldwide market for smart handheld devices will grow from 12.9 million units in 2000 to over 63.4 million by 2004, creating an opportunity worth more than $26 billion. To date, limited bandwidth, intermittent connectivity, and incompatibility across multiple mobile operating systems have hindered the ability of developers to deploy reliable and full-featured e-business applications to mobile devices. Kada Systems solves these problems by leveraging the operating system independence of a Java application environment with Kada Mobile to create a foundation for an "always available" application environment.

"The wireless and mobile application space is one area where organizations can see an immediate return on investment through workforce productivity and improved customer service and relations," said Shekar Mantha, Kada Systems founder and CTO. "However, full-function implementations of Java in mobile devices has been extremely difficult up until this point. Kada Mobile?s breakthrough technology allows Java applications with robust database functionality to be deployed and run on mobile devices such as the Palm, truly mobilizing e-business."

Kada Mobile is:

  • Small - Kada VM? is half the size of any competing, full-function Java Virtual Machine.
  • Fast - Applications compiled with Kada?s bytecode compiler run 3-14 times faster relative to straight interpretation of bytecode. In addition, Kada offers the only just-in-time compiler for handheld devices.
  • Complete - Unlike other "microJavas," Kada Mobile includes a full implementation of the Java APIs, including support for java.awt, java.sql and java.net. Also included is the Kada Handheld API designed specifically for wireless and handheld devices.
  • Compatible - Kada Mobile is a clean room implementation of a JVM and supports standard development tools such as Visual Caf?, Forte, PowerJ and Code Warrior.
  • Portable - All code was developed in C with particular attention to isolating processor/OS-specific differences in an abstraction layer. Currently available for Palm OS 3.5, Kada VM is easily ported to other wireless/handheld platforms.
  • Comprehensive Development Environment - Kada Mobile includes the Kada Minimizer (eliminates unused classes, methods and fields), Kada Ahead-of-Time Compiler (converts bytecode to native code for faster execution) and Kada Debugger Interface (permits remote debugging on target from popular IDEs).

"Kada Mobile is the ideal environment for the implementation of mobile e-business applications for both mobile workforces and customers," explained Jim Acquaviva, CEO, Kada Systems. "Our goal is to enable deployment of applications across handheld operating systems and offer integration with enterprise applications, delivering an edge to organizations through faster time to market, reduced costs in development and protection from the risks of technology obsolescence."

Pricing and Availability
Kada Mobile is available immediately for the Palm OS, and versions supporting EPOC, RIM and Windows CE are planned. Pricing for developer kits start at $295 for a single developer license and additional subscription plans are available through the company.

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