Market for mobile value-added services is growing rapidly OpenMobile closes its 20th mobile operator contract

OpenMobile, a leading developer of global network of wireless services for content developers and mobile operators, has in the 9 months since incorporation made substantial business progress. The company has agreements for testing, connectivity or full revenue sharing with 20 leading operators in Europe and Asia.

Founded in June 2000, OpenMobile brings together mobile operators, content providers and companies with a strong brand in an open and non-exclusive environment by building a global network to provide mobile

value-added services, such as games and service applications, via SMS. OpenMobile operates in the key markets of Europe and Asia.

To date, OpenMobile has agreements with 20 mobile operators with a combined subscriber base of approximately 80 million customers in 11 countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific. These operators include BT Cellnet

and Vodafone of UK, Mannesmann Mobilfunk of Germany, Sonera and Radiolinja of Finland, Mobile One and Starhub of Singapore, and Celcom of Malaysia.

OpenMobile has also managed to enter into agreements with nearly 20 leading application and content providers in Europe. Negotiations continue with tens of other content providers in Europe and Asia.

"We are very enthusiastic and proud of our business achievements so far.

During only nine months, we have established ourselves a leading role within our market", says Mr Pekka Palin, CEO of OpenMobile. "Our biggest

challenge is to get the mobile operators understand the business benefit

they will receive by opening their network for billable premium-priced mobile value-added services".

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