Midland, Texas Police Department Chooses New World Systems' Records and Mobile Software

New World Systems, a leading provider of enterprise-wide software solutions for the public sector, announced that Midland, Texas Police Department signed a $833,475 contract to license their fully integrated Aegis(R) Records software on the IBM(R) iSeries 400 platform and their Windows(R)-based Aegis Mobile Computing.

The company will provide software and services that will fully automate the agencies' operations and provide increased access to information among law enforcement personnel.

In addition to the Aegis Records and Mobile applications, the agency licensed several optional modules, including Field Reporting, Alarms Tracking and Billing, Property Room Bar Coding, Digital Imaging and Data Analysis and Mapping as well as Federal and State Compliance Reporting modules and NCIC.

"We chose New World, because of their product," said Deputy Chief John R. Smith. "The Aegis software is a comprehensive system that will allow the department to meet city, state and federal requirements and provide better service to our community."

The system the Midland, Texas Police Department has been using is ten years old and no longer meets the agency's needs. "As fast as technology develops, it was important for us to find a vendor who provided upgrades so we are always working with current software," said Smith. "New World not only provides upgrades, but the Company continually develops new software, ensuring they are on the cutting edge of technology."

The police department foresees increased productivity using New World's Records and Mobile application. Aegis Mobile gives officers access to records and reports while in the field, allowing law enforcement access to real-time, critical information from New World's Records, increasing officer awareness and safety. Officers can spend more time protecting their community with Aegis Mobile Field Reporting, which allows them to write reports that meet agency, state and federal requirements while in their unit.

"New World's Alarms Tracking and Billing will allow us to automate the process of tracking alarm calls per site and easily bill the person or persons responsible," said Smith.

Midland has an ordinance that requires the department to track the number of times an alarm system is triggered within a year at homes and businesses. When a person or business exceeds the allotted number of service calls, the police department is responsible for billing services rendered.

"New World's Aegis public safety suite of software had the features that we required, and we felt it was robust enough to service a city of our size," said Smith.

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