New Software First to Turbocharge Wireless Web for Pocket PC Devices

Version 4.0 Increases Wireless Access Speeds and Expands Service Provider Revenue Opportunities, a leading mobile Internet software provider, today announced the release of the first optimization software compatible for Pocket PC devices.

The new release enables wireless access speeds equivalent to dial-up connections, allowing a truly usable consumer and corporate mobile Internet device.

"We've seen growing demand for Internet access with mobile computing devices, and the increasing popularity of the Pocket PC is a testament to that demand," said David R. Cox, president and chief executive officer of BlueKite. "Real mobile access with these devices, however, has been tempered by painfully slow wireless networks and very complex connection solutions. BlueKite has been working diligently to make the wireless Web a reality for Pocket PC users."

BlueKite's technology delivers a rich, familiar Web browsing experience to Pocket PCs and laptops through caching and compression algorithms that reduce unnecessary data transmissions over wireless networks. Pocket PC compatibility is a new feature of BlueKite's software platform, now in Version 4.0, and includes any device running Windows CE such as Compaq's iPaq, Hewlett-Packard's Jornada, Casio's Cassiopeia, Mitsubishi's Trium Mondo, and Cyberbank's CyberBird.

Expanding Pocket PC Usability and Functionality

By significantly enhancing the wireless connection speeds, BlueKite enables the same rich applications on Pocket PCs, previously limited to desktop access. Both business users and consumers can turn their handhelds into powerful mobile Internet devices, rather than simple organizers.

Wirelessly accessing the Internet, intranet or Web-based applications such as Outlook e-mail, Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management or other applications previously limited to only desktop usage, enables users to be highly more efficient.

BlueKite Helps Service Providers Increase Revenue

BlueKite's Version 4.0 enables service providers to build a profitable revenue stream from current networks through bandwidth optimization, content delivery management, and service support. The network-independent software also allows mobile operators to build "future proof" offerings by optimizing all IP-capable air-interface standards (e.g., GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 1xRTT, UMTS).

Service providers can accommodate more users over constrained wireless spectrum by deploying BlueKite's optimization technology, which reduces the amount of data sent over packet-switched networks by an average factor of eight. This is achieved by reducing overhead, latency, and redundancy while still giving end users a rich Web experience by delivering Internet content in its full, original form.

Wireless Pocket PC Use Expected To Grow, But 3G Still On The Horizon

BlueKite introduces its Version 4.0 for the Pocket PC at time when demand for Web-enabled handheld devices continues to increase. Analysts estimate that there will be more than 329 million mobile Internet subscribers by 2003.(1) While operators are aggressively deploying 2.5G GPRS networks, the widespread rollouts of 3G wireless networks remain in question.

"As the handheld market heats up the next few years, the Pocket PC will experience a significant increase in market share as wireless technologies like BlueKite help deliver truly usable wireless Web devices," said Roberta Wiggins of the Yankee Group. "This is especially important as mobile operators around the world look to increase their revenues and earnings by offering value-added data services."

Version 4.0 Additional Features

BlueKite's Version 4.0 also includes new authentication features that allow service providers to implement customized, high profit offerings by enabling subscription-based services. Other new features in Version 4.0 facilitate improved subscriber retention rates by making it easier to install, manage, and upgrade software on mobile devices. Utilizing a simple "one-click" installation, BlueKite's software includes the ability to automatically upgrade over wireless connections. More product specifications can be found at

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