Nokia, KPN Mobile and Interpay test mobile commerce solution

Nokia, KPN Mobile, and Interpay Nederland have today successfully made the first financial transaction on a mobile network, based on WIM technology, which is a part of the WAP 1.2 (Wireless Application Protocol) specification. With this real time payment solution, a mobile telecommunications network operator, a mobile phone and infrastructure manufacturer and a payment processor have made secure m-commerce possible.

The solution is based on WIM (Wireless Identity Module), which is a mobile Internet technology enabling secure transactions. Non-repudiation of transactions is ensured by a digital signature. In practice, this means users can perform transactions safely using a single PIN-code. In addition, built-in security elements in the terminal and network ensure secure and reliable transactions.

To test user experience, a pilot will be launched in secluded surroundings with a limited number of users. To ensure content during the pilot, DaVista, BelBios, Kijkshop, Wannahaves and AtoBe will co-operate on offering products. Wireless Commerce Ltd. will provide an Internet based, wireless auction on a daily basis.

"By participating in this pilot KPN Mobile demonstrates its vision on mobile commerce that this is going to be one of the key services and markets of the future. The standard tested in the pilot emphasises our strategy that mobile commerce should be available to everybody, based on open standards, independent of their network, operator or financial services provider. This way, paying for high value products or services (e.g. stock trading) independent of time and place becomes an integral part of everyday life," said Luc Maas, CCO, KPN Mobile, the Netherlands.

"As a leading player in mobile communications, Nokia is pleased to facilitate the roll-out of easy and effective solutions for making purchases over the mobile Internet. This secure payment solution developed together with Interpay and KPN Mobile is a benchmark example of the direction in which mobile commerce is heading: People expect convenient and simple payment solutions which do not compromise safety," said Janne Jormalainen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Digital Convergence Unit, Nokia Mobile Phones.

Interpay is a partner in this co-operation between three key players in the mobile commerce environment, bringing substantial benefit to consumers and merchants. It is an optimal mix of expertise in conjunction with security and reliability, leading to significant ease-of-use.

Future mobile commerce solutions will be based on WIM technology, which is a part of the WAP 1.2 (Wireless Application Protocol) specification. WIM enables secure transactions such as trading, banking, ticketing and payments. In this particular solution, WIM is implemented on the operator SIM card, provided by Gemplus and Schlumberger. Secure transactions can, for example, be made by using the SET protocol, a standard for electronic payments designed by Eurocard/MasterCard and Visa.

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