OmniSky Introduces Business Solutions Channel for Wireless Access to Business-Critical Applications: eFax, My Docs Online,,,, vVault and WestLaw Wireless

OmniSky Corporation (Nasdaq:OMNY), the award-winning provider of wireless e-mail and Internet services for users of mobile devices, today announced the launch of its Business Solutions content channel. This new suite of business services, which includes a range of applications from salesforce automation tools to a Web-based teleconferencing service, provides wireless access to resources specifically designed to increase the productivity of mobile professionals.

"Business people who travel frequently need access to technology tools that are specifically designed to enhance their mobile productivity," said Kristine Stebbins, OmniSky's vice president of marketing. "OmniSky brings together the leading wireless business applications in an easy-to-use service for handheld owners. With the OmniSky service, mobile professionals can accomplish tasks such as forwarding a sales proposal to a client's fax machine and accessing their company calendar to check the date of the next team meeting."

"Wireless access to business applications that enhance customer relationships is essential for today's mobile professional," said Cary Fullbright, vice president of product strategy at "Now OmniSky users can reap the benefits that the CRM solution offers, enabling them to access critical customer information from their handheld device when they are on the go."

According to a Yankee Group survey of large North American companies, 50 percent of those surveyed have deployed or intend to deploy a wireless connectivity solution for their mobile workforce by 2003. Forty-four percent of that mobile workforce is expected to consist of field sales personnel and mobile executives.

"In today's competitive business environment, wireless access to critical sales information can mean the difference between success and failure," said Keith Raffel, chairman and founder of UpShot Corporation. "With the OmniSky service, customers can reap the benefits of UpShot's SFA system and follow up on every opportunity."

The OmniSky Business Solutions channel is available immediately and includes seven leading business application service providers. Selected services require the user to set-up a password-protected account in advance and are subject to fees billed directly by the application provider.

eFax -- one of the fastest and easiest ways to receive faxes wirelessly. With the eFax application, OmniSky users receive faxes as attachments to e-mail messages and can forward these faxes wirelessly from their OmniSky-enabled handheld device to any fax machine.

My Docs Online -- combines wireless messaging and virtual drive capabilities to provide a wireless way to handle desktop files and e-mail attachments. My Docs Online offers OmniSky users an intuitive interface and an extensive feature set for accessing, e-mailing, and printing/faxing their business files and attachments from an OmniSky-enabled wireless handheld device. -- powerful, scalable online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed to help companies increase productivity, maximize efficiency, remain competitive and enhance relationships with their customers. With the application, OmniSky users can access critical customer information including opportunities, contacts, lead generation systems, reports, and calendaring. TelePost -- the first enterprise teleconferencing solution to integrate the core interactive business tools used by mobile professionals -- Internet-enabled handheld devices and wireless and wire-line phones. With the TelePost Conference Center, OmniSky users can initiate and manage multi-participant calls without the need for an operator, reservations or other advance planning. Simply tap on the names of call participants and they are immediately bridged into a conference call. -- using the application, OmniSky users have real-time access to business-critical resources including opportunity management, group calendaring, contact information as well as real-time alerts and breaking news on accounts.

vVault -- offers mobile professionals a full-featured suite of productivity solutions enabling users to access, manage, and collaborate on business critical files over mobile devices. With the vVault application, OmniSky users can store individual and group files online, and access, email, or print them to any fax machine using handheld devices. In the next version of the OmniSky service, vVault and OmniSky also intend to enable mobile business users to preview corporate e-mail (Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes) attachments.

Westlaw Wireless(TM) -- provides real-time, mobile access to virtually all legal, business and news information available on Westlaw(R). With the Westlaw application, OmniSky users can find a document by citation; use KeyCite(R) to determine the status of a case or statute; run a search in a Westlaw database, and use West Legal Directory(R) to find a lawyer, a law firm, a courthouse or a legal vendor. The West Legal Directory service is free; additional features require a Westlaw password.

OmniSky customers using Palm and Handspring devices can receive the newest content channels by using the HotSync function while their PC is connected to the Internet or by downloading content updates from the OmniSky website. In the near future, PocketPC users will receive the latest content via a simple download from the OmniSky website.

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