PacketVideo Corporation, the recognized leader in streaming wireless multimedia, and Hantro Products Ltd., a leading developer of two-way video technology for wireless communications, today announced the success of recent trials proving the interoperability of the PacketVideo and Hantro MPEG-4 codecs for wireless multimedia delivery. This interoperability demonstration further validates the MPEG-4 standard as the most optimal architecture for allowing wireless operators to offer new and enhanced applications and services in the fast-evolving mobile telecommunication environment. The trials featured interoperability testing of the encoding and decoding of MPEG-4 files. During the trials, Hantro-encoded MPEG-4 bitstreams were decoded by PacketVideo’s PVPlayer(TM), and MPEG-4 bitstreams encoded by PacketVideo’s PVAuthor(TM) were played back by Hantro’s decoder.

“Our interoperability demonstration with Hantro sends a clear message to the industry that MPEG-4 is a standard that the wireless industry can rely on,” said Kathleen Peters, vice president of Embedded Solutions for PacketVideo. “These interoperability trials also enable us to demonstrate that MPEG-4 provides wireless operators with choice and flexibility when selecting hardware and software solutions from companies working within this standard.”

Either individually or in combination, PacketVideo and Hantro technology enables enriched audio, video and graphics to reach mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless devices, bringing news briefs, traffic reports, movie previews, and other live remote viewing applications to mobile consumers.

“Our MPEG-4 interoperability initiative with PacketVideo is an important milestone in the advancement of MPEG-4 as a communications standard that enables the integration of production, distribution and content access across multiple platforms for an end-to-end chain from production to consumer,” said Tomas Myntti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hantro Products Oy. “Each proof of interoperability reinforces the position of MPEG-4 as the multimedia format of choice, not only for applications running over low bandwidth, high error rate networks to mobile devices, but also for other consumer platforms.”

Hantro and PacketVideo are also both members of the Wireless Multimedia Forum (WMF), an international, multi-vendor forum and gathering point for vendors developing products, services and information focused on the delivery of rich media content to an exploding number of mobile, wireless devices. For more information on the WMF, please visit

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