Mindport’s Sentriq streaming media Digital Rights technology division, and PacketVideo Corporation, the recognized leader in wireless multimedia, today announced a strategic alliance to enable Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions for wireless distribution of content. In addition to providing a compelling multimedia experience for wireless users, the partnership will enable companies at all points within the content delivery chain to realize revenue from protected rich media.

This partnership will offer content owners and wireless operators the means to securely protect and monetize multimedia that has been optimized for MPEG-4 standards-compliant wireless delivery using integrated PacketVideo and Sentriq technology. Further, both companies will participate in joint marketing activities to increase global awareness within the emerging wireless multimedia market for protected content that is streaming or can be downloaded. The companies are also collaborating on international and industrial standardization efforts relating to DRM, including encryption technology suitable for wireless multimedia applications, to ensure compliance with standards such as MPEG-4 Intellectual Property Management and Protection (IPMP).

“PacketVideo is committed to standards-based solutions for digital rights management because we believe this will facilitate the most valuable multimedia content being brought to the wireless environment,” said John McGanty, vice president of business development for PacketVideo’s Applications and Services Division. “We’re enthusiastic about partnering with Sentriq because they share our commitment to a standards-compliant approach to DRM, which is necessary for media protection from the content provider all the way through to the operator’s delivery over wireless networks.”

Sentriq’s Digital Rights technology solution accommodates rapid implementation of flexible business rules. Sentriq provides its client-side application as freely available, royalty-free reference code, allowing operators to quickly enable a wide variety of hardware platforms with DRM capabilities.

“Sentriq’s Digital Rights Network service provides key components in a pay media operation, including consumer authentication, content protection, rights management, and business models for revenue generation of content. PacketVideo provides the delivery mechanism to mobile devices and Sentriq the ability to monetize that content,” said Allan Rosenzweig, chief executive officer of Mindport. “Sentriq, drawing on 15 years of experience with scaleable media security and pay media solutions, combined with PacketVideo’s leading anytime-anywhere wireless transport technology, offers wireless operators the industry’s most robust platform on which to offer enhanced media services.”

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