Pocket-IT launches the first location based service in Norway with Telenor

Pocket-IT is pleased to announce that it has launched the first location based service in Norway with the largest operator, Telenor Mobil. Pocket-IT, an enabler of location services for content providers and portals, has created under the portal, Hvor.no, a range of services named “Info Here&Now”, including “Where am I?”, events, weather, tourist attractions and nearby services. Hvor.no is accessed via Telenor Mobils portal Djuice, and is currently among the most used services on the portal.

Pocket-IT was selected by Telenor Mobil to launch the first location based service, which enables the user to get automatic positioned from their network. Pocket-IT had earlier introduced mapping and routing services with Telenor Mobil in March 2000 and was the first company to launch end-user billing with the operator in July 2000.

”We appreciate that Telenor Mobil has chosen our company to deliver a suite of location based services for their portal” says Petter Nyborg, CEO of Pocket-IT. “This confirms that Pocket-IT is a driving force in moving the wireless world a step closer to reality”, Nyborg continues.

To access the location based services, the user is charged 10 kroner (Eur 1.23), when he or she is positioned. However, the service is currently free of charge in a promotion period. When the users are positioned they gets access to a number of services based on their position. Services include “Where am I?”, where the user gets information of their location and maps of the area. The user also gets access to the three nearest ATMs, coffee bars, pharmacies and a number of other useful outlets with navigation services of how to get there, such as maps and turn-by-turn directions.

Pocket-IT has teamed up with a variety of leading content providers in Norway to give users access to weather forecasts, entertainment, such as sports activities and cultural events, and tourist attractions of the area.

Beside the “Info Here&Now” services on Hvor.no, Pocket-IT is developing a location game with a leading mobile gaming company to be launched in the near future.

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