PTSC Introduces an Operational Enhancement Platform for Wireless Products, Applications and Services

The ptscJUICE(TM) Platform Provides Solutions for Developers, Manufacturers, Content Providers and Wireless Carriers to Enrich Data

Services Delivered to End Users

PTSC (OTCBB:PTSC), a leader in the development of advanced embedded microprocessors and connectivity solutions for the Internet, Monday announced the availability of a key operational enhancement platform for Enhanced Second Generation, 3G and Bluetooth-based wireless devices that provides solutions for the wireless industry.

This platform, PTSC's Jointly Utilized Integrated Control of Execution (ptscJUICE), uses an embedded command protocol that provides application developers with a common standard for the optimized execution of applications in wireless devices.

The ptscJUICE technology will leverage the capabilities available in standard and emerging wireless technologies' integrated circuits, system software, and wireless Internet feature software. This method enables deployment of multimedia and feature-rich applications and content while drastically reducing the processing overhead, thereby maximizing system performance on a single battery charge by as much as 10 times. End users will be able to download applications over the air through their carrier's network and execute desktop-quality user experiences without excessive power charge depletion of their wireless devices. The ptscJUICE technology will be provided and supported by PTSC as well as third-party licensees and is available to wireless device manufacturers, content providers, and content-enabling tool developers.

"The ptscJUICE technology is key to delivering media-rich Internet experiences to the wireless world in a really useful way," said Richard Blum, PTSC chairman and CEO. "The progress of wireless development has been hampered for years by handheld-to-Internet power and performance trade-offs," Blum continued. "We are excited to see this technology finally come to fruition as a long-awaited solution to many of the limitations faced by wireless product and service developers."

This protocol will enable carriers to differentiate their products and services and increase usage, thus increasing their return on investment as they expand their wireless data services. Carriers will have access to a wide range of application choices and will be able to roll out these services in a way that provides clear differentiation of their service and product offerings.

"ptscJUICE technology has been designed for network-linked embedded processors from the ground up," said Dr. Patrick Nunally, PTSC's chief technology officer. "ptscJUICE can be retrofitted onto many currently fielded wireless products, which means it will enable service providers to offer ptscJUICE-enhanced applications to the largest segment of their user base -- mass-market wireless consumers."

"As content providers using Java(TM), HTML, and XML license ptscJUICE technology and as GSM, TDMA, CDMA and 3G manufacturers incorporate the technology, all will be capable of offering a whole new range of extended services to their customers," said Jeff Wallin, president of SDMC, a leading advisor to the wireless industry. "The culmination of the wireless Internet as a desktop experience in handheld devices, without recharging them any more frequently than today, is now truly achievable with ptscJUICE."

Wallin continued, "Where manufacturers have previously been unable to supply enough battery charge to power quality Internet-related applications, ptscJUICE is the first and only real answer to making the output of dynamic networks such as the Internet both truly portable and profitable."

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