Pumatech Awarded U.S Patent for Synchronization Software

Company's 13th Patent Pertains To User-Definable Text Filters In Pumatech's Popular Intellisync(R) Software And Third-Party Synchronization Products Patent Is Pumatech's 8th In The Area Of Synchronization -- The Most Claimed By Any Synchronization Software Provider

Pumatech, Inc. (Nasdaq:PUMA), the leading provider of software infrastructure for the mobile Internet, today announced it has received its eighth patent relating to various aspects of its intelligent synchronization technology. The new patent (U.S. Patent No. 6,212,529) applies to the use of text filters in the synchronization of Personal Information Management databases, including all of the standard calendar, task, note, contact and e-mail functions found on Palm OS(R) devices. Pumatech holds a total of 13 patents, which protect a wide range of technologies relating to mobile and wireless Internet infrastructure.

The latest patent validates Pumatech's position as the leader in intelligent synchronization and further strengthens the Company's already robust portfolio of intellectual property -- the largest of any synchronization software provider. The Company filed for the patent on March 5, 1998.

The new patent protects Intellisync's unique ability to apply user-defined text filters in the course of synchronizing the Personal Information Management (PIM) databases of Palm OS devices with PC-based applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and MyYahoo! Intellisync's filtering capabilities enhance the ability to specify which information is transferred during the synchronization process. This function allows users to create their own personalized filter to choose records to be synchronized from one database to another. For example, users can designate e-mails containing a particular word within the text and synchronize only that data from their desktop to their mobile device, rather than transferring the entire database of information.


"Intelligent synchronization technology is imperative to the management of information stored on such disparate devices as handheld organizers and PCs running groupware or PIM applications," explained Pumatech President and CEO Brad Rowe. "There is a growing demand, especially from corporations, for smart synchronization solutions that enable more efficient information transfer across a wide array of mobile devices and PCs. This latest patent further strengthens our ability to uniquely deliver the most effective synchronization solutions to mobile customers in the enterprise and elsewhere."

In addition to the eight synchronization patents, Pumatech holds one patent relating to its file-transfer technology and owns the rights to four patents relating to Web-based change detection, end-user notification and personalization technology. Pumatech also has 13 pending U.S. patents, as well as rights to enforce five patents owned by Intel Corporation, under a cross-license agreement between Pumatech and Intel.


The core technology that supports Pumatech's industry-leading Intellisync software also powers the synchronization component of the Company's Mobile Application Platform (MAP), which is currently being licensed to carriers, ebusinesses, portals and enterprises such as CNET, Lycos and Boeing. MAP includes a variety of data access engines designed to enhance the utility of mobile devices, including a sync engine, a personalization and notification engine and a query engine. Pumatech's Intellisync.com(SM) service bureau, powered by the MAP architectural platform, enables consumers and business professionals to synchronize important information via the Internet, browse Web content both on and offline and be notified of personalized Web information via the mobile device of choice.

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