Edit the personal information in your SIM card with SIMedit

Every mobile phone user is familiar with the difficulties of entering names and phone numbers on those tiny, hard to use, numeric keypads. COMPELSON Labs has a unique solution. SIMedit! enables any mobile phone user to painlessly edit all the information stored in their mobile phone using any standard PC. Imagine being able to enter all those important phone numbers using a real keyboard! But SIMedit! does even more...

SIMeditThe SIMedit! package, which includes either the smart-card peripheral (Personal Card System 302) the PCMCIA, or the USB smart-card reader provides sophisticated editing and control of the phone book, SMS messages and other data stored in a mobile phone. These data are saved on a smart-card (SIM card), which is the heart of every GSM phone.

Compatible with all GSM phones, SIMedit! offers a full range of functions for editing the contents of a SIM card, allowing the user to easily enter any missing contact information and to edit the contents of their mobile phone. SIMedit! provides rapid and effortless transfer of the phone book from a database, Excel spreadsheet or other Office application to a SIM card, ensuring that one's phone book is always up-to-date.

SIMedit! allows received messages to be archived to a file on computer disk, and also ensures the backup of numbers from the phone book of a SIM card, so that in the event of damage or loss it is possible to quickly restore the data to its original state. Using the SIMedit! program it is now a simple matter to exchange sets of phone numbers with friends or colleagues. Truly packed with features, SIMedit! does all this and much more...
comfortable editing of phone book  
immediate sorting, searching and replacing  
easy exchange of contacts between phone and databases  
easy backing up of entire SIM card
creating, sending and archiving of SMS messages
easy copying of contacts between phones
  • Direct import and export to Excel, Word and other applications
    Using the standard Windows clipboard functions one can now easily transfer all phone-book entries directly from Excel to SIMedit! and back again.

  • Diagnostic checking of the SIM card with error repair
    Everyday use of your phone can lead to errors emerging from time to time, resulting in the loss of phone numbers, the shortening of your phone book and other problems. SIMedit! is able to not only detect such errors, but also to repair them, thus re-achieving total functionality in your mobile phone.

  • Unblocking card using PUKs
    SIMedit! allows the unblocking of your SIM utilizing automatic detection of whether PUK or PUK2 is required. Number of retries remaining is also indicated.

  • Changing of PIN1, PIN2
    You can now enter or change PIN codes directly using SIMedit! Considering that every phone does this slightly differently, being able to use SIMedit! for this purpose is extremely useful.

  • Protected mode with Fixed Dialing Numbers
    SIMedit! allows you to define a mobile phone's "protected mode", effectively allowing the phone's "owner" to control which numbers can be dialed by other users of the same phone. This is an especially useful function for restricting calls on company-owned phones or when you allow children access to phones, etc.

  • Faster reading of SIM
    SIMedit! increases the speed of SIM reading by implementing cache technology.

  • Print your SIM content
    Now you can print your address book and other contents of your SIM.
  • Complete SIM back-up
    Now back-up all SIM structures, such as Fixed Dialing Numbers, Preferred Networks, Forbidden Networks, etc.

  • Supports all the newest types of SIM cards
    MegaSIM, SIM ToolKit, SIM Phase 2+, STAR SIM, etc.

  • Editing of Forbidden Networks List
    SIMedit! now offers a useful function for those who travel. If you travel somewhere where some networks are inaccessible, your phone will mark them as inaccessible forever, even though they function normally now. Well, SIMedit! can now correct this and other problems.

  • Editing of Preferred Networks List
    Like the "Forbidden Network List" above, you may now edit your "Preferred Network List".

  • Editing of long phone numbers
    SIMedit! is now able to create and work with numbers longer than 20 digits. This is especially useful for numbers with tone dialing codes, passwords, new selections, and network codes.

  • PCMCIA and a wide variety of readers
    SIMedit! is now available with a PCMCIA reader (ideal for notebook users), and is compatible with all PC/SC compliant readers on the market.

  • Now all orders include a free small-format SIM adapter
    Like this one...
  • And in every 2nd order we will throw in a free smart-card
    Like this one...

Depending on your needs, SIMedit! may be ordered with any of the smart-card readers pictured below, or if you already own a PC/SC compliant reader, you may purchase the software alone.

Personal Card System
PCS 302 with Serial Interface
Our brand new USB model!
ACR30 with USB - NEW!
PCMCIA model for notebooks!

The screenshots below will give you some idea of how the SIMedit! software looks and feels.

SIMedit! Screenshot