SSH Announces Industry's First Security Software for Wireless and Mobile Devices

SSH Communications Security (HEX:SSH1V), an award-winning developer of Internet security technologies, today announced SSH Secure Shell for Handhelds, the industry's first Secure Shell application for wireless platforms. Based on the widely-accepted EPOC operating system for wireless communications, this new Secure Shell product brings the industry's leading password and authentication protection to mobile and handheld devices such as PDAs and mobile phones.

SSH Secure Shell for Handhelds is the first security application to protect IP-based communication over wireless devices, such as e-mail and Internet access, by running terminal emulation and port forwarding for remote system administration and password/public key authentication. Each time a wireless connection is made, SSH Secure Shell for Handhelds stores the authentication settings to a protected file that includes user, port and server identification.

According to Tatu Ylonen, founder, chairman and CTO of SSH, "The market for reliable, impenetrable wireless security is growing at a phenomenal rate. Business and consumer users increasingly rely on mobile devices for day-to-day communications and need the assurance that these interactions are secure. SSH Secure Shell for Handhelds is the first product in the market to meet these challenges head-on by protecting communications where they're most vulnerable -- at the password level."

SSH Secure Shell for Handhelds is the result of a strategic partnership between SSH and Symbian, the leading software platform provider for Wireless Information Devices. According to GartnerGroup's Dataquest, Symbian's licensees, such as Nokia, Ericsson and Psion, accounted for over 70 percent of the total mobile phone market in 2000.(1)

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