Starfish Announces First Commercially Deployed SyncML Compliant Server

TrueSync Synchronization Server Passes First SyncML Interoperability Testing

Today, Starfish Software, leading provider of end-to-end synchronization and infrastructure solutions for the wireless Internet, announced their TrueSync(R) Synchronization Server has successfully passed the SyncML initiative's first interoperability test, or "SyncFest," held last week in Dallas, Texas, and deployed the first commercial, SyncML compliant server at Excite@Home, (NASDAQ: ATHM), the leader in broadband.

At the SyncFest, Starfish participated in rigorous, real-time tests of its TrueSync Synchronization Server for compliance with the SyncML 1.0 specification released February 7, 2001. SyncML compliance ensures that TrueSync Server solutions are fully interoperable with any SyncML device or server. The TrueSync Server is currently in use at Excite@Home to power the Excite Planner.

"As one of the co-founders in the SyncML initiative, Starfish has been committed to delivering real-world solutions of this important new standard for synchronization as quickly as possible," said Gregg Armstrong, chief operating officer of Starfish Software. "This interoperability certification assures that TrueSync customers have access to leading-edge standards-based solutions that promote an expanding universe of SyncML compliant devices and services."

The TrueSync Server used for the SyncFest is a commercially deployed, SyncML enabled version, used at Excite@Home to power the synchronization of Excite Planner's data to millions of its users over the Internet. This milestone opens the door for over-the-air synchronization with all SyncML compliant devices, including those announced from Ericsson and Nokia, using TrueSync-powered servers.

"With SyncML, Excite Planner users will be able to synchronize their Excite Planner data through wireless devices, including smart wireless phones, anywhere they have wireless access," said Peter Negulescu, vice president of Strategy and Network Services for Excite@Home. "This continues our commitment to providing users with the most up-to-date information to receive and manage via a wireless phone."

TrueSync technology provides end-to-end data synchronization solutions for businesses, including wireless carriers, enterprise, wireless device manufacturers, Internet portals and vertical markets. Starfish pioneered multi-point synchronization, enabling data updating and reconciliation with the single click of a button between servers, devices and desktop applications.

Starfish will begin rolling out other SyncML compliant TrueSync solutions immediately.

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