Synchrologic Delivers Complete Software Suite for Enterprise Management and Deployment of Pocket PCs

iMobile Suite Now Offers Infrastructure Application Software Tailored for the Growing Pocket PC Market

Synchrologic today announced availability of a comprehensive enterprise infrastructure software suite for managing Pocket PCs. The company has added new features to its iMobile Suite product that will let mobile employees sync data between their Pocket PCs and the enterprise. This allows companies to efficiently manage the flow of critical business information to and from occasionally connected mobile and wireless devices.

With this latest upgrade, iMobile Suite delivers on Synchrologic's vision of offering a total infrastructure software suite for managing the entire spectrum of enterprise mobile device deployments, including the Pocket PC. Implementing iMobile Suite lets enterprise IT organizations lower support costs, quickly service end users, reduce administrative burdens and optimize system resources.

"Over the past year, we've worked with a broad range of hardware and software companies to ensure that Pocket PC provides the capabilities required for enterprises to increase productivity across its mobile workforce," said Vidur Luthra, product manager for the Mobility Group at Microsoft Corp. "Synchrologic recognizes the growing demand for mobile accessibility to business data on a Pocket PC. The enterprise will have more wireless productivity options now that Synchrologic is supporting Pocket PC."

iMobile Suite has been upgraded to enable Pocket PC users to sync their email and Personal Information Management (PIM) data. With iMobile Suite, the enterprise is able to automate specific functions, software upgrades and executables more akin to the high functionality of a laptop than a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). One of the many expanded features is checkpoint restart, which allows the Pocket PC to determine where the device left off in execution of program or download rather than returning to the first step of the execution if interrupted for any reason, including losing a wireless connection.

Additionally, iMobile Suite allows system administrators to set default configurations or profiles for synchronization behavior and maintain granular administrative control over how users can change these defaults for their sessions. Unparalleled administrative flexibility, support and control ensure that all files are distributed correctly and are the most current version while seamlessly integrating PIM information. iMobile Suite for Pocket PC, results in the end user being able to focus on their job armed with improved access to key information, rather than waste time dealing with the technology needs of their mobile devices.

"Our extensive support of the Pocket PC platform reinforces our commitment to delivering a single solution to support all of a company's mobile computing needs, from enterprise application synchronization and email synchronization to mobile systems management and file and intranet publishing," said Bill Jones, vice president of product management at Synchrologic. "This significant investment in the Pocket PC platform provides seamless continuity between devices with minimal IT involvement and an easy to adopt mobile client."

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