SyncML-compliant Products and Services are One Step Closer to Full Market Deployment

SyncML Initiative Hosted First Interoperability Testing Event

The SyncML initiative successfully hosted its first SyncFest last week, a critical conformance and interoperability testing event. Several SyncML sponsor and supporter companies were granted the right to use the SyncML logo for fully conformant and interoperable products. The SyncFest event marks an important milestone toward the realization of a true universal data synchronization protocol.

"We are extremely satisfied with the rapid progress SyncML sponsors and supporters have made in implementing this revolutionary technology. Less than four months after the release of the SyncML 1.0 specification, we have been able to test products successfully for conformance and interoperability," said Douglas Heintzman, Chairman of the SyncML Initiative. "We are committed to ensuring that SyncML conformant products work seamlessly together when putting interoperability to the test with real products."

At the SyncFest, vendors participated in real-time demonstrations to test their SyncML implementations for interoperability with other vendor's SyncML implementations. Participation in this carefully conceived SyncML interoperability testing process enables device manufacturers, application developers, Internet companies and wireless operators to introduce SyncML- compliant products and services to market.

"Bringing together the best and brightest players in the industry, the SyncFest has been an instrumental forum for these companies to work towards true interoperability across multiple networks, platforms and devices," said Andrew Wyatt, Vice President, Synchronization Products Group at Openwave. "Very soon, wireless device users will have ubiquitous access to updated and consistent data, applications and services, regardless of time, place and device. This interoperability clearly speaks to the viability of synchronization as a key element for friendly, future-proof time and data management."

The SyncML initiative will host additional SyncFest events throughout 2001, enabling supporter companies to test their products and services for SyncML interoperability. More information about the SyncML conformance and interoperability process and coming SyncFest events can be found on the SyncML web site at

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