The Worldwide Market for Handheld Computing Devices Remains Healthy

The worldwide market for handheld and mobile personal computing devices is bullish says a new report soon to be published by the ARC Group. The report projects shipments for 2001 to be around 13 million PDAs, 7 million HPCs, 29.4 million notebook PCs, and 2.5 million tablet PCS.

The ARC Group's "Wireless Connectivity for Mobile Computing" available through MindBranch, Inc., states that the handheld computing device market is growing and diversifying, with new models of device being developed regularly. According to the study, "this market is seeing new players moving into it and over the next five years will experience steady growth."

The whole mobile computing market is also growing rapidly. Shipments of new mobile computing devices with embedded wireless connectivity is set to reach over 45% of total shipments by 2006 for cellular solutions. The fastest growing regions for this market will be North America, Western Europe, and Japan - regions where new mobile computing products are released regularly.

Successful players are using a number of key strategies to position themselves in the new value chain in the wireless market. Strategies being leveraged are:

-- Partnerships between operators and a diverse array of service, applications, hardware and software providers to provide packaged solutions for the end user

-- Development of technology standards and agreements between vendors to ensure interoperability

-- Use of packaged OEM solutions to accelerate time to market

-- Capitalizing on early market gains by rapidly delivering a solution to market and thus building up an early user base on which to build for future product and service releases.

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