Veratium offers shrink-wrapped, enterprise scalable products that allow mobile workers secure access to their business critical files, documents and presentations.

Picture being able to access your personal Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents, email and email attachments from anywhere using any handheld or remote device. Now imagine viewing, editing or emailing that file to a customer. Veratium Software, Ltd., today announced the launch of MOTIVUS, the first wireless software product to provide mobile business people with real-time, wireless access to their personal office computer and all its files and documents.

"Our MOTIVUS family of products takes wireless to a new level by giving both wireless access and remote devices more practicality and greater usability. Until now, wireless technology offerings have been somewhat limited, restrictive or cost prohibitive. Veratium is finally giving today's mobile workforce anywhere, anytime access to what they want most - the critical files that reside back on their desktop computer or corporate network," said Phil Calvin, Veratium CEO and wireless expert. "MOTIVUS Wireless Desktop is like having your computer and network right there with you at all times."

Along with MOTIVUS Wireless Desktop, Veratium also introduces MOTIVUS Wireless Inbox which connects the user in real-time to their office email. MOTIVUS Wireless Inbox allows the end-user to open, read or forward any email attachments. Email that is opened remotely will show as opened and read on the desktop system, eliminating any confusion about the status of the inbox.

Pricing for MOTIVUS products are based on an annual subscription. MOTIVUS Wireless Desktop and MOTIVUS Wireless Inbox are available today from Veratium. Mobile users are encouraged to visit for a demo and a 30-day trial.

"We founded Veratium in response to the growing market need for wireless data interaction tools. In 2001, about 332 million units of Internet-enabled wireless devices will hit the market, surpassing PC shipments for the first time - by 2004 there will be more than 1.5 billion Internet-enabled wireless devices. The global market size for wireless data will be in excess of $33.5 billion by 2004. This represents huge opportunity for wireless data interaction and Veratium is providing the applications," Calvin explains.

Since MOTIVUS provides personal file access to any number of users through the mobile device of their choice, Information Technology Managers are able to centrally manage their mobile device platform and thereby minimize the total cost of ownership. MOTIVUS is designed to be flexible and scaleable. As it is a shrink-wrapped server product it can easily be deployed once, eliminating the need for expensive implementation and consulting costs.

"Our server technology is mobile device and wireless transport agnostic, which means mobile users can pick the appropriate mobile device for their needs such as a Compaq iPAQ(tm), Palm® VII, RIM Blackberry(tm) or Smart Phone and wirelessly connect using any data transport provider such as AT&T®, Bell Mobility® or Sprint PCS®," said Calvin.

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