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Alliance Brings Secure Document Access to Mobile Enterprise Customers

Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) today announced enhancements to its MobileDoc enterprise software and an alliance with GoAmerica Inc. (NASDAQ: GOAM), a nationwide wireless data and Internet services provider.  Xerox is working to form an agreement with GoAmerica to offer secure, wireless access to the next generation of MobileDoc. 

MobileDoc 2.0, integrated with GoAmerica’s Go.Web™ technology, broadens the market for MobileDoc.  Customers will now be able to use a wide variety of major wireless devices and data networks to fax and e-mail documents remotely.  The combined offering enables users to log into their network using a handheld device, personal digital assistant (PDA) or laptop computer and distribute files of any format along with a personalized note.  Designed to increase the utility, portability and value of documents while away from the office, MobileDoc 2.0 is targeted towards highly mobile sales, service and support professionals. 

“Working with Xerox, we will offer secure and flexible wireless access to Xerox’s leading document management solutions,” said Joe Korb, president of GoAmerica.  “The value of wireless technology is quickly becoming evident to enterprises, and we are committed to providing the critical information that companies depend upon every day.”

The Go.Web service provides access to corporate e-mail, intranets, databases and the Internet.  Go.Web intelligently compresses and encrypts data, reformatting it for viewing on all major wireless devices and data networks. 

MobileDoc 2.0 enables remote workers to eliminate time and distance barriers when responding to unexpected customer demands for information.   MobileDoc 2.0 also provides greater ease-of-use than competitive products, as it is the only application available that enables users to save time by pre-programming frequently used e-mail addresses and fax numbers into the application. 

 “The first generation of MobileDoc proved the need for this application in the market, and we have responded to customer demands by making MobileDoc 2.0 available on virtually all wirelessbrowser-based devices,” said Billy Cates, general manager of Xerox Mobile Solutions.  “In an age where information is key and business decisions are made in hours, not days, Xerox and GoAmerica plan to give professionals a competitive advantage while allowing them to travel light, without carrying paper documents.” 

MobileDoc 2.0 supports Xerox DocuShare 2.1, or greater, and Microsoft Windows NT File System (NTFS) document repositories and can be used with mobile devices enabled with HTML 3.2 and WML 1.1.   Xerox and GoAmerica will market MobileDoc 2.0 to a wide range of enterprises including existing users of Xerox DocuShare and Windows NTFS.  The offering includes document management capabilities from Xerox and wireless access and devices from GoAmerica. 

Storage capacity on users’ wireless devices is not required and file size is only limited by server capabilities.  Available through GoAmerica and Xerox’s direct sales force, the suggested retail price for a 50-user license for MobileDoc 2.0 is $12,000 plus $995 for support.  A 200-user license is $25,000 plus $3,995 for support.  The implementation fee for MobileDoc is $3,995, and the three-year user license for enterprises, starting at a minimum of 10 users, is $5.00 per user, per month.  Go.Web service pricing ranges from $9.95 to $59.95 per month.

Xerox Mobile Solutions is part of Xerox’s Internet Business Group, which develops and markets software products based on network, mobile and knowledge-management technologies.

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