Antepo brings mobility to the Jabber Open Source Instant Messaging protocol

Leveraging the Jabber Open Source Instant Messaging Protocol (XMPP), Antepo today releases Java-XML components and proxy connectors that bring wireless capabilities to Instant Messaging.

Antepo has placed both mobility and the Jabber XML Open Source protocol at the top of its product development agenda, with a goal to extend Instant Messaging functionality to the mobile universe. Jabber is an open-source community of developers working at the intersection of XML, presence, and real-time messaging (For more information, please refer to

Antepo has designed its application framework in full compliance with the Jabber Open Source Instant Messaging protocol (XMPP) and Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standards. The platform acts as a message switch capable of processing, carrying and delivering communication and presence management over a wide range of devices such as SMS and WAP phones, PocketPCs or Desktop PCs, through wireless-specific connectors supporting WAP, SMS (SMPP, UCP and CIMD) and Windows CE clients. The overall platform relies heavily on XML as a communication, interface and storage medium, thus enabling an easy and seamless interfacing with most legacy systems. The application framework offers carrier-grade, multi-task, and multi-thread processing while bringing higher flexibility, scalability and robustness to the Open Source Jabber server components.

"We have built a unique modular message routing platform, enabling any type of information to be transferred instantaneously from point A to point B, regardless of the device used", explains Jean-Louis Seguineau, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect for Antepo. He adds: "Our commitment to the Jabber XML protocol as the next-generation Instant Messaging standard has proved right, judging by its growing adoption and popularity among the developer community."

On the back-end, Antepo already provides mainstream application bricks allowing communications with enterprise systems such as File storage, JDBC storage, LDAP storage and JMS message bus. Thanks to its strong roots in the Java development language, Antepo's platform ensures a fast and easy integration with existing hardware and software architecture along with high performance levels, thus matching the requirements of mobile telecommunication carriers.

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