Bear River's Star Receiver Tracking System Provides Desk to Desk -- D2D -- Accountability and Wireless Palm VII Support

At the 2001 Mailcom Conference in Atlantic City, Bear River Associates announced that Version 4 of Star Receiver offers two new advanced features: Desk to Desk Tracking and wireless access to pickup and delivery information. Star Receiver is an advanced web-based package tracking system used by large and small organizations.

Desk to Desk (D2D) Tracking provides complete visibility and accountability of packages every step of the way to the recipient's desk within an organization. The package may be transferred by an internal courier or by a combination of internal couriers and an external carrier. In all cases Star Receiver gives both the sender and recipient full visibility as to the status of the package. No other tracking system, including those available from national carriers, offers D2D Tracking.

Star Receiver version 4 also offers wireless access to pickup and delivery information for employees of organizations using Star Receiver. Employees can check on the status of incoming and outgoing packages by using either a Palm VII or an Omnisky modem connected to any Palm OS compatible handheld computer. Wireless access to outgoing package status has only recently been provided by the two largest national carriers. Star Receiver provides access to packages that are being sent by or received for the employee.

The integrated nature of Star Receiver allows Facilities Management departments to boost customer service while at the same time reducing their need for staffing resources. Desk to Desk (D2D) Tracking provides total accountability resulting in the near-total elimination of lost items and "shrinkage." In addition, Star Receiver offers potential for cost savings in shipping, payables, and vendor management. Keys to savings in these areas are specific workflows designed to support lower-cost shipping options such as bundling and internal resources, as well as the data collected by Star Receiver regarding purchase orders, vendor deliveries and service level cycle times. Star Receiver provides the necessary metrics needed for shipping and receiving departments to follow "best practices."

Bear River is the consistent leader in applying technology to tracking and logistics. Among all commercially available products in its field, Star Receiver was:

-- First to offer electronic signature capture.

-- First to support worldwide operations from a single database.

-- First to offer Web tracking and pickup requests.

-- First to support bundling of internal shipments.

-- First to provide a customizable workflow for complete desk-to-desk accountability.

Bear River is now the first commercial off-the-shelf tracking solution that provides Desk to Desk Tracking and wireless access to all incoming and outgoing packages.

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