GoAmerica Announces Mobile Office - Its Next Generation Wireless Solution for the Enterprise

GoAmerica's Mobile Office Provides Enterprises with Unique Wireless Offering

GoAmerica Inc., (NASDAQ: GOAM,) a leading provider of wireless data services, today unveiled Mobile Office(R), a new wireless offering for the enterprise.

In Mobile Office, GoAmerica has created a first-of-its-kind product, combining wireless access to key business tools with leading wireless technology. The single solution, Mobile Office, facilitates desktop replication for mobile professionals and provides the enterprise with one simple and customizable wireless product. Mobile Office is slated for general availability June 25, 2001.

Mobile Office has been designed to meet the needs of the enterprise facing an exciting, but confusing landscape of wireless technology. The solution simplifies the wireless environment for the enterprise, providing secure access not only to email, intranets and the Internet, but to vital business tools including customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and sales force automation (SFA) applications and data. GoAmerica will also offer professional services and advanced security capabilities. In addition, Mobile Office includes cutting-edge wireless technology -putting document automation, email attachment management, corporate instant messaging and customization at the fingertips of mobile professionals nationwide. Go.Web(TM), GoAmerica's proprietary technology, serves as the foundation for Mobile Office, enabling wireless access on all major wireless data networks and on virtually any PDA, Handheld device or laptop computer. The result is a simple and unique offering for the enterprise.

"We work with enterprises every day, and they've told us they want a customizable wireless solution that will replicate the same functionality and ease-of-use as the tools on their office desktop," said Neal Katz, Director of Value Added Services, GoAmerica. "We are optimistic that Mobile Office will add real value for the enterprise by providing a single solution to increase employee productivity, improve customer service, and streamline processes."

"Through Mobile Office, we aim to continue leading the evolution of wireless technology from a nice-to-have to a must-have for the enterprise," said Joe Korb, president, GoAmerica. "We have dedicated our recent efforts to creating a single solution to meet the needs of the enterprise. Wireless technology is incredibly powerful and we believe Mobile Office will truly make the implementation simple and the results remarkable."

Highlighted features of Mobile Office include: 

-- Document Manager, Email Attachments: Enables mobile professionals to access a private library of frequently used documents and files for quick delivery via fax and email, select pre-made document templates to customize 'on-the-fly', compose and send original business letters. Document Manager also allows the mobile professional to open and read email attachments on all major wireless devices. 

-- Corporate Email & Group Application Access: Wirelessly connects the enterprise to email and groupware applications used in the office, without having to synch. Provides access to Microsoft Exchange, and Lotus Domino, IMAP and POP from all major handheld devices and laptops. 

-- Enterprise Application Access: Provides wireless access to the various business applications corporations use in their day-to-day business operations such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), sales force automation (SFA) and financial services. 

-- Enterprise Security: Secures data at all stages of wireless data transport by combining over-the-air and back-end encryption with physical security, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). GoAmerica experts work with an enterprise's IT professionals to identify and deploy the optimal security solution for each corporation. 

-- Professional Services: GoAmerica provides support at the enterprise's location and helps implement the best technology solution based on an enterprise's needs. Together with Enterprise Solution Partners, such as Electronic Data Services, GoAmerica will give business customers a competitive advantage by delivering mobile commerce applications and consulting and integration services. Once the solution is in place, GoAmerica's Customer Care Center provides full support to the enterprise as it integrates and utilizes Mobile Office. 

-- Unified Messaging Services: Offers phone, fax and paging services for wireless devices. Allows messaging and collaboration in two and three way conversations with colleagues. Corrals all messages (voicemail, fax, paging) into one area so that it's easy to stay in touch. 

-- Corporate Instant Messaging: Allows for effective, secure messaging and collaboration with colleagues while out of the office via Go.Messenger(tm). Provides the ability to send an Internet link to another user, view an entire conversation and hold up to three concurrent conversations, facilitating more effective decision-making with parties in remote locations. 

In addition to the applications and tools highlighted above, Mobile Office addresses the needs of vertical markets and will provide solutions for the financial, legal and field services industries. These custom applications have been designed to make on-the-go markets run more efficiently. For example, GoAmerica Mobile Office will provide financial professionals - portfolio managers, analysts, traders and brokers - comprehensive financial information, enabling instant access to real-time equity and option quotes, market indices, time and sales, customized watch lists, currency tables, news, alerts and more. Future vertical Mobile Office solutions will target the real estate, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

"GoAmerica realizes that in order for a wireless solution to be truly effective, it must have some degree of customization since every industry and workforce is different," said Katz. "Mobile Office is an easy-to-use, customizable product that has been designed and bundled to meet specific needs of enterprises."

GoAmerica will offer several Mobile Office packages to meet the needs of different-sized businesses. For more information about Mobile Office, please visit www.goamerica.net.

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