HUON Corporation Brings Wireless Claims Processing to Property and Casualty Insurance

Leading the insurance industry's move toward wireless technology, HUON Corporation has teamed with Perot Systems and Emrys Technologies to develop a new wireless interface to The HUON Solution(TM) for claims adjusters. Armed with a personal digital assistant (PDA), a claims adjuster can meet with a policyholder, collect, and transmit data from the field, then follow the claim through to settlement. The adjuster can enter first notice-of-loss, search clients, and view client portfolios. With HUON, insurers can efficiently complete the claims process in front of the policyholder and provide a quicker response, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and customer retention.

From the field, claims adjusters can access policyholder information with a PDA. The HUON Solution uses its Business Flow Manager utility and XML protocol to provide immediate access to centrally stored data. The HUON Solution's thin client architecture also allows quick access to and simple modification of stored data.

HUON partnered with Perot Systems Corp. (NYSE: PER) and Emrys Technologies Inc. to create this wireless interface to The HUON Solution, a suite of software components for client management, rating, policy administration, billing, claims administration, agency management, and financial reporting. As a leader in delivering ROI-driven enterprise-wide business and technology solutions, Perot Systems teamed with HUON and Emrys to extend HUON's property and casualty systems to the wireless Internet world. This wireless solution, which enables claims adjusters to have anywhere access to real-time information, will help HUON to immediately decrease claims response time and improve the customer experience.

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