MaGlobe Debuts Internet AutoDialer for PalmOS

Breakthrough Software for PDAs Connects Business and Leisure Travelers to the Net From Destinations Worldwide

MaGlobe Inc.,, offering global Internet access service for the traveler, announced a breakthrough in convenience for business and leisure travelers today with the release of its new AutoDialer for PalmOS handhelds. Now travelers, from mobile professionals to vacationers to adventurers, can access the Internet from international destinations using any PalmOS PDA (personal digital assistant), including Palm and Sony Clie' handhelds, Handspring Visors, Kyocera smartphones and others.

The MaGlobe(TM) global AutoDialer for PalmOS puts the Internet at a traveler's fingertips without having to configure PDAs for local access while traveling. By providing local access from MaGlobe worldwide locations, expensive long distance charges to stay connected are also eliminated. The popular PalmOS handhelds all have optional kits to help travelers connect with local phone service around the world. The MaGlobe AutoDialer for PalmOS works in conjunction with these kits to put a traveler directly onto the global Internet with one simple call.

"We have created our service to increase convenience and mobility for every traveler, from the general tourist to the corporate executive," said Haresh Hingorani, CTO of MaGlobe. "In order to enhance each individual's travel experience, we are continually delivering upgraded features. Now our AutoDialer for PalmOS will make Internet access easy for travelers who choose to carry a PDA instead of a laptop."

MaGlobe offers travelers the world's first prepaid global Internet access, featuring online activation, truly simple access and easy, automated renewal. Now even users of the Palm or Handspring Visor or other handheld computers can let MaGlobe find and dial up the nearest local Internet number. With a single click, the user is on the Net, able to access existing e-mail accounts, photo sharing sites or other personal or business services including wide area networks (WANs) and virtual private networks (VPNs) that may be inaccessible through transoceanic voice-circuit calls. MaGlobe is available through local dialup numbers at 5,000 major travel destinations. An additional 7,000 numbers will be in place by year's end, covering even smaller cities.

Those who try MaGlobe's hassle-free, one-step service will appreciate the convenient, universal, reliable access to personal e-mail and other online services, no matter where they travel. MaGlobe provides tiered service through three different products: Traveler, Globetrotter and Enterprise. Each service package is available in a standard and a "plus" version, totaling six different service levels to suit any traveler's needs. Prices range from $14.99 for Traveler to $499.99 for Enterprise Plus. For more information about fee structures, service tiers and how to connect with the global MaGlobe network of products and services, please see the company's Web site,

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