OmniSky Expands Availability of Wireless E-Mail and Internet Service to More HP Jornada Pocket PC Users

OmniSky service for Jornada 520 and 540 Pocket PCs now available at CompUSA and Office Depot retail stores

OmniSky Corporation (Nasdaq:OMNY), an innovative provider of award-winning wireless applications and services, today announced that it is expanding the availability of the OmniSky service to include the HP Jornada 520 Series Pocket PC. OmniSky also announced that its service is now available to HP Jornada 520 and 540 Series Pocket PC users through CompUSA and Office Depot stores nationwide. When HP Jornada Pocket PC customers purchase the Novatel Minstrel 540 wireless modem, which is necessary to turn the HP Jornada Pocket PC into a wireless handheld, they automatically receive the OmniSky installation CD and step-by-step instructions for subscribing to the OmniSky wireless service.

Adding support for the affordable HP Jornada 520 Series Pocket PCs, and offering the service through popular nationwide retail stores as well as the website, makes the OmniSky service accessible to even more mobile professionals. "We're delighted that HP has added our service to benefit its Pocket PC customers," said Kristine Stebbins, OmniSky's vice president of marketing. "The OmniSky wireless service on the HP Jornada Pocket PC provides a superior mobility solution to even more Pocket PC users."

"Our HP Jornada Pocket PC handhelds have proven very popular with mobile professionals," said Pendy Pendyala, general manager, HP Wireless and Internet Services. "Wireless access to e-mail, the Internet and corporate data are some of the services requested most by our users, and we are excited that the OmniSky service extends this convenience."

OmniSky is focused on providing a superior user experience for every aspect of its wireless e-mail and Internet service. The service is built on OmniSky's proprietary technology and the integration of industry-leading technologies from other providers. OmniSky takes advantage of the Pocket PC platform, enabling mobile professionals to access up to six e-mail accounts, including corporate e-mail from behind the firewall (Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes). The combination of the Pocket PC and OmniSky service also provides mobile users with a rich, color browsing experience for navigating the Internet and securely conducting e-commerce transactions. OmniSky also makes it easy for subscribers to find information on the web and transfer it directly into Microsoft Outlook, Contacts or Notes applications using Os OneTap.

According to IDC, sales of Pocket PC handhelds are expected to reach 8.4 million per year by 2004. "The Pocket PC platform, with the full-color Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and integrated Outlook applications, is gaining tremendous momentum among mobile professionals," said David Daniels, market development manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "The combination of the Pocket PC and the OmniSky service enables mobile professionals to securely access corporate data, line-of-business applications, and Internet functions that improve productivity."

Availability and Pricing

To connect to the OmniSky wireless e-mail and Internet service, HP Jornada 520 and 540 Series Pocket PC customers must purchase a Novatel Minstrel 540 wireless modem, which is available on the website and from retail stores, including CompUSA and Office Depot. The modem comes with the software and information necessary to sign up for the OmniSky service. HP Jornada 520 Series and 540 Series Pocket PC customers who already have a Novatel Minstrel 540 wireless modem can sign up for the OmniSky service on the OmniSky website at

OmniSky offers subscribers multiple plans for the wireless service. A month-to-month plan is available for a flat fee of $39.95 per month. Subscribers may also pre-pay $359.95 for a year of the OmniSky service, which is equivalent to $29.95 per month. Early-termination fees apply. Both plans include unlimited usage with no roaming charges.

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