OpenMobile provides a global network for the distribution of MatchEm's value-added services

OpenMobile and Finnish mobile software company MatchEm have signed a contract that enables MatchEm's cross-media services to be distributed through the OpenMobile MVAS network.

OpenMobile will provide a global network for the distribution of MatchEm's cross-media services. "We have a strong business relationship and mutual interests in the MVAS markets. MatchEm's services are solid, functional and attractive. Just the kind we want in our content and application pool", says OpenMobile's VP Sales, Mr Niko Mykkänen.

For MatchEm, the key benefits of its alliance with OpenMobile are the company's technological openness and its policy of non-exclusiveness. Mr

Matti Kontu, CEO of MatchEm points out: "OpenMobile provides an additional channel for distributing our content outside Finland, but without hindering our own efforts to the same effect".

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