New-Generation Schlumberger JavaCard and SDK Simplify Secure IT Applications

OP 2.0.1 and Java 2.1.1 Compatible Smart Card and Developer's Kit Speed Time-to-Market and ROI for Secure Access Solutions

Schlumberger Test & Transactions, a business segment of Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB), today introduced a new generation of its industry leading Cyberflex Access(TM) JavaCard(TM) for advanced IT security applications. With 32K memory, and compliant with major open standards, Cyberflex Access 32K offers an exceptionally versatile platform, capable of delivering the spectrum of secure physical and logical access applications. A full software development kit speeds time-to-market for organizations keen to exploit the state-of-the-art capabilities of these new cards.

Personal, portable and exceptionally secure, the smart card is the ideal ID device. The same card can, for example, provide physical ID, automatically control that individual's access to specific parts of a building, as well as simplify logging on to the corporate network and ensure the security of sensitive transactions over public or private networks. Governments and corporations worldwide have been quick to identify the advantages of a single secure access card, and Cyberflex Access 32K is designed to maximize their opportunities.

It is compatible with Windows(TM) 98, Me, NT4 and 2000 operating systems and the software developer's kit, SDK 4.0, cuts implementation time scales to maximize return on investment. Java applet development facilities support the delivery of multiple additional applications, allowing organizations to exploit the card's generous memory capacity with further value-added services such as a campus e-purse. It enables easy integration with popular PC applications including Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Outlook. On-board cryptographic and digital signature generation features, including RSA, DES, TDES algorithms, are ready to integrate within security programs, such as Entrust PKI.

"Our customers are keenly aware of the advantages of open platform Java smart cards, and they naturally want to deliver those benefits to their internal markets as quickly as possible," said Paul Beverly, vice president of Schlumberger Smart Cards in North America. "We're giving them a powerful and versatile platform, plus the means to deliver integrated solutions, fast. It's an unbeatable combination."

The launch of the new generation cards comes as governments and corporations worldwide plan the roll out of major smart access programs. The US Department of Defense, for example, is planning a massive initial deployment of 600,000 Cyberflex Access cards for physical and logical access control.

Cyberflex Access 32K conforms to the latest open standards. It is Java 2.1.1 certified and complies with Open Platform 2.0.1. Cyberflex Access has retail export classification from the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration, and the cards can be exported to developers worldwide, except for certain restricted countries. Online user support can be found at

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