SignalSoft and SiRF Partner to Provide Advanced Location Services Platform to Wireless Network Operators

SiRFstar GPS-enabled products interoperate with SignalSoft's Wireless Location Services(R)- providing consumers enhanced location-aware services

SignalSoft Corporation (NASDAQ: SGSF), the developer of the Wireless Location Services(R) software suite, and SiRF Technology, Inc., a leading developer of location technology based on global positioning system (GPS), today announced a strategic partnership to provide an end-to-end location services platform to wireless subscribers worldwide. With this agreement, mobile devices enabled by SiRF's SiRFstar(TM) GPS technology, will interoperate with SignalSoft's Location Manager, a key product in its Wireless Location Services software suite, providing wireless network operators necessary location and gateway tools for delivering sophisticated location-based services to their subscribers.

"A partnership with SignalSoft is the perfect vehicle to deliver on our goal of bringing GPS into mainstream consumer platforms," said Kanwar Chadha, founder and vice president, marketing, SiRF. "The combination of our two companies' technologies will bring the benefits of location services to many more consumers worldwide."

SiRF's GPS-based solutions enable a range of devices to detect location, including cell phones, automobile navigation systems, telematics systems, handheld GPS navigation devices, child locator systems, as well as commercial applications, such as asset tracking devices and fleet management systems. SiRF markets and sells its products in four target markets: wireless handheld, automotive, mobile computing and embedded consumer applications.

SignalSoft's Location Manager is a versatile software hub that allows wireless network operators to manage multiple location technologies. As an open software solution, Location Manager interfaces location technologies with both SignalSoft's Wireless Location Services applications, and third-party applications. Location Manager will interface with network elements that incorporate the SiRF Server technology and with mobile devices that use SiRF's GPS technology to provide operators with an end-to-end location solution across all CDMA, TDMA, GSM or AMPS wireless networks.

"SiRF's technical capabilities and its knowledge and experience in the GPS realm is an excellent complement to SignalSoft's expertise in Wireless Location Services," said David Hose, president and CEO of SignalSoft. "Our partnership with SiRF will provide network operators the ability to deploy reliable, GPS-based location services."

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