Ubicom Announces Bluetooth Technology Partnerships

Hardware, Software Relationships To Enable Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Ubicom, Inc., today announced partnerships with two leading Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology developers that will lead to high-performance, low-cost wireless connectivity solutions.

The agreements with Signia Technologies, of Milpitas, Calif., and Adamya Technologies Inc., of Bangalore, India, will link Ubicom's Internet Processor chips and networking software with Bluetooth communications hardware and software. This will allow manufacturers of office equipment, home appliances, computers, and a wide range of other devices to quickly and cost-effectively incorporate wireless communications capabilities and Internet connectivity into their products.

"Ubicom is dedicated to making device-to-device and device-to-person communication truly ubiquitous, and we recognize that wireless networking will play a significant role in making that happen, with Bluetooth being a key component," said Ubicom President and CEO Bulent Celebi. "Signia and Adamya are both focused on making Bluetooth more cost-effective and easier to implement, and we're very excited to be working with them. This partnership combines their Bluetooth technical capabilities with our overall networking and semiconductor expertise, leveraging our software-based technology in a way that will allow us to deliver powerful, integrated wireless solutions to our customers and enabling a wide range of applications."

"Allowing our customers and partners to capitalize on the Bluetooth marketplace more rapidly and cost-effectively will benefit everyone by expanding the demand for and use of wireless technology, and creating opportunities to meet that demand," said Marshall Wang, CTO of Signia Technologies.

"We look forward to working with Ubicom and using its unique `software system-on-a-chip' technology to make wireless connectivity available to a wider user base, more quickly and cost-effectively than can be done with all-silicon approaches. For example, we expect that an early solution will include Signia's Ulysses SBT5010 Radio IC, which offers a small 5 mm x 5 mm footprint, low power consumption, and support for the industry-standard BlueRF interface, allowing it to connect to such products as Ubicom's Internet Processor and Adamya's Software Radio."

Shyam Prasad Shetty, CTO and co-founder of Adamya Technologies Inc., said, "We have developed the most compact embedded Bluetooth protocol stack and baseband in the world today. A partnership with Ubicom is a logical step because their unique value proposition is based on implementing functionality in software to minimize silicon content, and we fit perfectly into that model. They have the `best-in-class' processor chips for Internet connectivity and a software-based design approach that easily accommodates our Bluetooth stack, and we're extremely pleased to be working with them."

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