Dynamic Mobile Data and InterGis Announce Availability of Wireless, Dynamic Routing and Scheduling

Until now, transportation costs have been eating up the operations budgets of private fleets and field service organizations.

Today, Dynamic Mobile Data Systems, Inc. (DMD) and InterGis announce a real-time, wireless routing and scheduling solution that enables companies to respond instantly to changing business demands and other conditions, such as bad traffic, by dynamically rerouting drivers, as needed. Using DMD's wireless technology and InterGis' Visual Control Room (VCR) visual routing software, driver productivity and customer service are improved and labor and fuel costs are reduced with the ability to respond to more calls while driving fewer miles.

Dynamic Mobile Data(R) uses an Extensible Markup Language (XML) agent to wirelessly enable the InterGis Visual Routing module via the DMD Network Operations Center (NOC). The XML agent, developed by DMD, resides at the VCR server and at the MobileDispatch(TM) Data Services (MDDS) server located in the DMD NOC. The two databases communicate seamlessly over the Internet via the XML agents to provide real-time, wireless routing capabilities to the Visual Control Room system. This simple integration of the two technologies is easily accomplished without the hassle or expense of system alterations or software customization.

"Through this partnership, we're putting control over daily business circumstances back into the customer's hands," said Chuck Feldman, DMD's President and CEO. "The ability to reroute a driver at any time during the day in order to service additional customers, or bypass traffic or other backups and instantly communicate those changes to the driver can mean instant added revenue and cost savings, and superior customer service."

Visual Control Room creates efficiencies to increase mobile workforce productivity and reduce manual dispatch and scheduling time. InterGis' scheduling, dispatching and routing automation technology formulates optimal routes based on location, resource availability, customer preferences, and other user-determined criteria to reduce miles driven and time on the road.

Using Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95/98/00/NT technology with a graphical-user interface, VCR integrates customer, work order, inventory, scheduling, and accounting information, plus reporting capabilities, into one comprehensive system, allowing automation of all invoicing and other routine customer financial tasks. The wireless, real-time interface between drivers, fleet managers, and customer service representatives results in more accurate time commitments, less callbacks, and faster service, and allows schedules to be revised as weather, traffic or customer needs dictate.

"DMD's wireless technology enhances the resource optimizing capabilities of VCR with real-time mobile interface," said Steve Brown, InterGis president. "The dynamic element of the system allows companies to realize even greater cost savings by responding immediately to environmental circumstances and the needs of customers."

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