Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Siemens launch the Mobile Games Interoperability Forum, formerly referred to as the Universal Mobile Games Platform Initiative

Espoo (Finland), London (United Kingdom), Munich (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) July 3, 2001- Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile) today launched the Mobile Games Interoperability (MGI) Forum, which will work to define a mobile games interoperability specification for network-based servers. The specification will enable game developers to produce and deploy mobile games that can be distributed across multiple game servers and wireless networks, and played over different mobile devices.

The MGI Forum has evolved out of the "Universal Mobile Games Platform" initiative, which was announced in March by Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens IC Mobile. With the formation of the MGI Forum, the 4 founding members reinforce a joint commitment to the mobile games industry as a whole and will continue their work to define application programming interfaces (APIs), which will allow game developers to produce and deploy mobile games over wireless networks in a client/server model.

The aim of the initiative is to specify a global standard and to develop certification procedures to encourage a wide adoption of the standard. The MGI Forum will work with and provide recommendations to the appropriate standards bodies and fora to ensure an open environment for developing mobile games. The MGI Forum will also work closely with tool developing companies to develop Software Development Kits (SDKs) and other necessary tools for game developers. One initial company is Metrowerks, with whom work has already begun.

To ensure that the specification meets the needs of all the stakeholders in the mobile games community, game publishers and developers, game platform vendors, game service providers, mobile network operators, additional device and infrastructure vendors, and service integrators are encouraged to join the forum. Interested parties can contact to receive information on how to join.

"Ericsson is committed to creating demand for Mobile Internet services by supporting application developers, working with partners and driving open standards," said Lars Boman Head of Ericsson Internet Applications. "This initiative is aligned with our aim to make sure that users have as many good services as possible, in order to make the Mobile Internet a success."

"Motorola strongly believes that the games and entertainment environment is key to the development of mainstream success in GPRS and 3G for operators, manufacturers and developers," said Tim Krauskopf, vice president and general manager of Core Solutions for Motorola's Internet Software and Content Group. "As a result, we are firmly committed to the MGI Forum because it will play an important part in creating the conditions for developers to produce and deploy mobile games quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively."

"The mobile games market represents an attractive opportunity to games developers, publishers, and providers alike," said Ilkka Raiskinen, Vice President, Mobile Applications and Services, Nokia Mobile Phones. "By supporting open standards and interoperability, we are ensuring that all parties, and especially mobile game players, will benefit. A membership in the MGI Forum is in line with our policy to support open standards and represents our latest effort in promoting an open approach to the mobile games market. We see this forum as playing a central role in setting up 3G game services."

"One of Siemens IC Mobile objectives is to facilitate the experience of multi-player games - anytime, anywhere and across multiple devices and platforms. Mobile gaming is not only about "just playing" but encompasses a rich entertainment experience that includes various application segments such as messaging and location based services. When smartly combined, it will raise end user's loyalty and help boost operator revenues," said Thorsten Heins, President of Solutions within the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group.

With experience in creating industry standards and a shared belief in the Mobile Internet as a vital part of the telecommunications future, the founders were compelled to initiate this forum. The founders recognise that many start-up companies have made significant strides in this space and are hopeful that they will play an active role in the MGI Forum. The founders would also like the traditional players in the game industry to become actively involved so that the growing mobile games industry can benefit from the wealth of experience of the industry veterans.

Developer support, test facilities and application certification will be provided through Ericsson Mobility World which includes Ericsson Developers' Zone, Motorola's Applications Global Network (MAGNET) Program, Nokia's developer program Forum Nokia, and Siemens' Mobile-Partners Program.

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