Everypath Introduces Its Latest Version of Mobile Enterprise Software

Fifteen Customers Are Already Benefiting from a Host of New Features -- Enterprise Integration, Offline Functionality, Alerts, E-mail and More

Everypath, the leading provider of scalable, secure mobile enterprise software solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its latest licensed software product: Everypath Release 3.0. For large enterprises, carriers and wireless application service providers, the new release incorporates additional functionality that enables employees, partners and customers to conduct business anytime, anywhere, using virtually any mobile device.

"Everypath Release 3.0 is the most advanced mobile enterprise software available, tailored to meet the business needs of actual customers, and tested and proven in their real-time production environments," said Venktesh Shukla, CEO of Everypath. "Whether a business is looking to mobilize existing enterprise applications or build new mobile applications, Everypath Release 3.0 will accomplish all of those goals."

Everypath's international and domestic customers -- including Alaska Airlines, America West, E*TRADE, Intuit, Salesforce.com, plus over a dozen others -- have been in production with the new release for 12 weeks as a part of an extensive release certification process. Several new customers -- among them NTT East, Japan's largest system integrator -- chose Everypath's latest software after completing extensive evaluations. "Everypath demonstrated a clear understanding of what NTT East required in mobile application software," said Kouichi Genda, manager of the System Services Department, Business Communications Headquarters. "Our need for a powerful and flexible system is now fully met by Everypath's strong, scalable solution."

Major new features in Release 3.0 include alerts delivery, offline application capabilities, support for popular e-mail and PIM software and connectivity to any systems with an Open API. Everypath's new software can mobilize a broad range of existing applications, such as field and sales force automation, supply-chain management and business intelligence, as well as provide a mobile application development environment for building entirely new mobile applications.

To streamline integration of mobile applications with existing enterprise data and applications, Release 3.0 has a host of new capabilities beyond its already robust connectivity to XML and HTML data sources. Connectivity through the Everypath Open API simplifies the process of building custom connections to legacy data sources and enterprise application integration (EAI) middleware, and the addition of a JDBC connector affords access to any JDBC-compliant database.

The Everypath server is a proven, highly scalable solution that meets real-time mobile computing business needs. In addition, the server can perform a variety of optimization tasks to ensure a quality user experience, high performance, and complete security. "The new mobile platform from Everypath enables E*TRADE to deliver a state-of-the-art wireless financial services experience," said Jim Safka, vice president of global product marketing, E*TRADE Group, Inc. "Everypath continues to deliver a strong platform that will enable E*TRADE to augment touchpoint relationships and broaden wireless product offerings for our 3 million accounts worldwide. Release 3.0 will serve to strengthen our leading position in the mobile financial services marketplace."

Release 3.0 adds enriched capabilities at the device level, providing real-time access to e-mail and PIM information from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and any SMTP-compliant email server, as well as offline support that eliminates the need for users to synchronize a mobile device with a connected PC. And out-of-the-box compatibility with mobile phones (including i-Mode phones), PDAs, two-way pagers and similar devices thoroughly addresses the enterprise's need to support multiple mobile platforms.

"Our relationship with Everypath and other industry leading application service providers is just one of the key elements enabling Sprint PCS to offer a full suite of compelling mobile corporate applications to our enterprise customers," said Jay Highley, vice president, business marketing, Sprint PCS. "Sprint PCS is leveraging Everypath's software and services to deliver a comprehensive mobile solution that increases employee productivity, sales per sales person, and service calls per repair person while leveraging existing corporate applications and infrastructure."

The offline support in Everypath Release 3.0 ensures that wireless mobile devices remain useful even while out of wireless coverage. The user can continue to enter information into the device, knowing that stored information will be synchronized once wireless coverage is regained. The flexible offline architecture facilitates rapid development of offline applications, and enables advanced user input validation and business logic capabilities.

Lastly, Release 3.0 targets key capabilities as identified by industry analysts. "Offering the choice of a licensed model is essential for any company that initially operated within a hosted-only paradigm, especially in the current economy, because the licensing option opens the door for considerably more customers," said Simon Hayward, an analyst at Gartner. "Offline capabilities are also key for any wireless platform attempting to deliver the wireless flexibility that enterprises need in today's competitive market."

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