Extended Systems Adds Personal Area Network -PAN- Profile Support to Bluetooth Software for Handheld Devices

Extended Systems (Nasdaq:XTND), a leading provider of mobile data management and wireless connectivity solutions, announced today that it has begun shipping Version 1.3 of XTNDAccess Blue SDK, a multi-purpose software development kit (SDK) for implementing Bluetooth wireless protocols in handheld devices.

XTNDAccess Blue SDK 1.3 is based on Bluetooth specification version 1.1 and implements Bluetooth wireless protocols for embedded devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, consumer electronics, portable office equipment, industrial automation products and more.

XTNDAccess Blue SDK 1.3 adds the Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol (BNEP) for support of the newly formed Personal Area Network (PAN) profile. This profile focuses on adhoc networking between one person's set of devices. For example, a person's cell phone, PDA and PC could exchange information seamlessly. Bluetooth also embodies the wireless personal area network WPAN, which extends PAN to incorporate the local area network (LAN) and access to the Internet.

The multi-transport Object Exchange OBEX module has been enhanced to allow for multiple, simultaneous servers and clients. This provides Extended Systems' customers with the basis for future development and support of the Basic Printing Profile (BPP). Bluetooth hardware support has been updated to include the latest code revisions at CSR, Ericsson, Infineon, Silicon Wave and Texas Instruments.

"The product enhancements we've made to XTNDAccess Blue SDK reinforce Extended Systems' commitment to Bluetooth," said Steve Simpson, Extended Systems' president and CEO. "The embedded stack, coupled with our Windows solutions, continue to set the industry standard for code size, profile support, quality and interoperability."

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