Genie UK integrates MotionBridge to simplify WAP navigation 

British Telecom's leading mobile Internet Portal, Genie UK ( offers a true alternative to directory browsing or URL bookmarking. Thanks to a radically new navigation system powered by MotionBridge, Genie WAP users can access any of the portal services or external WAP sites they want in a few keystrokes.

Available on the home page and at the end of each main menu, the "Go To" item allows end-users to fast-type a keyword and to be automatically re-directed toward the corresponding service. For example, users typing "time4live" or even "84633675483" (8 for T, 4 for I, and so on...) will be automatically re-directed toward the sports site (

The site is reached in 9 keystrokes instead of 81 for the URL input!

On top of MotionBridge's 10,000 referenced WAP sites, Genie defined its own set of keywords and synonyms, providing a true, universal navigation system that is able to redirect users inside or outside the portal with the same efficiency. For the first time, users do not have to know "where" is a service or to remember its URL, which will substantially increase mobile Internet usage.

Hugh Griffiths, Head of Portals for Genie UK, says "It is essential that we continue to deliver Genie - Europe's largest WAP portal - in a way that customers find easy to use and useful. Integrating this Go To feature enables us to put thousands of WAP sites around the world alongside Genie's own services - accessible by every Genie user."

Due to Genie's market share and leadership, MotionBridge integration inside the portal is a definitive step toward establishing a new standard for Mobile Internet navigation.

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