InSite Group Order Entry Suite Streamlines Selling; Applications Offer Efficient, Affordable Tool for Mobile Sales Forces

InSite HandHeld(TM), a suite of PDA-based order entry applications streamlines operations for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors according to Insite Group, Internet and enterprise resource consultants, which launched the brand.

"There is no question that handheld technology is a growth platform for Minnesota companies," said Brian Strojny, InSite partner and co-founder. "The automation of sales forces that began with e-commerce continues with handheld technology." InSite provides business analysis prior to deploying a handheld solution: "We determine if the client is a good candidate for a handheld solution and then match them up with the technology that suits the user functionally and geographically."

InSite Handheld(TM) provides the software foundation for deploying a handheld solution, allowing for maximum customization to a company's product line, customer base and system rules. Handheld order-entry systems can be deployed on Palm, CE or Handspring devices. Applications are secure and can be integrated to the client's database or Web-based order-entry system.

InSite Group, LLC, provides strategic Web programming and ERP services to companies in the upper Midwest, partnering with clients to design and build solutions improving interaction between companies, their customers, employees and suppliers.

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