Intermec's Popular 5020 Family of Handheld Computers Now Shipping with Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 and SQL Server CE

-- Microsoft-certified device among first to ship with SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition

-- Newest Windows CE (3.0) release, featuring open architecture and graphical interface, strengthens enterprise capabilities even further

Intermec Technologies Corp. is now shipping its popular 5020 family of handheld data collection computers pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 and SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition (SQL Server CE).

Intermec is among the first to market with a Windows CE 3.0-based device with an embedded SQL Server CE database engine.

The Intermec 5020 and 5023 handheld computers are designed specifically for rugged, enterprise-wide duty, allowing information collected on the "front line," from loading dock to warehouse, to be easily integrated into a company's IT infrastructure.

Windows CE 3.0 features improved compatibility with Windows and combines a number of technical capabilities that provide the real-time processing support to make Windows CE 3.0 particularly suited for industrial applications. In addition, it supports larger data storage systems, larger files and the latest communications and security technology. SQL Server CE's robust database makes it the ideal companion in enterprise-wide applications.

"Intermec committed right from the start to develop the 5020 from the ground up to run on the Microsoft Windows CE operation platform," said Intermec Executive Vice President Tom Miller. "We believe that the wide-ranging capabilities of the 5020 family, combined with the versatility and user friendliness of Microsoft Windows CE and the power of SQL Server CE and SQL Server 2000, provide our customers with the best of both worlds. They get the ruggedness they need in the back areas of an enterprise and seamless data transfer to their front office information systems."

"Intermec and Microsoft have a long history of innovation," said Stan Sorensen, director of SQL Server at Microsoft Corp. "Building on the Microsoft platform, Intermec's 5020 and 5023 fully utilize SQL Server CE's essential set of relational database functionality, enabling businesses to seamlessly meld front- and back-office operations, thus optimizing a company's daily productivity, quality and response time."

The 5020 allows IT professionals to leverage their skills and knowledge from existing PC and networking environments. It is Internet-ready for real-time data communication on any TCP/IP network, including a corporate intranet. For maximum uptime and efficiency, the 5020 can be remotely upgraded or serviced by any authorized IT personnel over the network, using the standard Remote Unit Manager application. This eliminates the time and expense of most on-site service calls. As an intelligent computing device, the 5020 offers faster response times because it can function independently from the host in case of network problems.

The 5020, introduced in 1999, was the industry's first rugged Windows CE-based terminal for the data collection marketplace. Intermec designed the 5020 for one-handed use for greater flexibility and mobility. Operation is as easy as pulling a trigger, so end users require less training to become productive with the system. Intermec's traditional ruggedized design allows it to withstand a full range of environmental and operating conditions.

About Intermec 5020 family of handheld computers

-- Fully configurable via a desktop web browser.

-- Open Air and 802.11b 2.4 GHz wireless RF options supported

-- Hitachi SH3 32-bit RISC Processor.

-- 16 MB RAM, 32 MB Flash memory.

-- 1 PC card- and 1 Compact Flash card expansion slot.

-- Large 1/4 VGA display for easy viewing.

-- 43-key alphanumeric keypad for efficient data entry

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