IntraNet Solutions and Mobile Computing Technologies to Bring Content Viewing Technology to Tao Wireless Devices

Companies to develop a new version of IntraNet Solutions' Outside In Viewer Technology for the Java-based Tao operating system

IntraNet Solutions(R), Inc. (Nasdaq:INRS), a leading provider of Web content management solutions, announced today that it has formed an alliance with Mobile Computing Technologies (MCT), a Japan-based wireless technology development and consulting company, to bring content viewing technology to manufacturers of Tao-based wireless devices.

Under the licensing agreement, the companies will develop a new version of IntraNet Solutions' Outside In Viewer Technology (OIVT) for the Java-based Tao operating system. The Tao operating system is designed to be the main engine for digital appliances in mobile networks. With OIVT embedded in the operating system, Tao users will be able to view, print, copy and paste documents in more than 100 file formats without launching the documents' native applications. IntraNet Solutions and MCT will jointly market the combined solution, with MCT serving as the exclusive distributor in Japan, and work directly with wireless manufacturers to integrate the solution into their devices and applications.

"We have no doubt that the wireless device manufacturers will quickly and widely embrace the file viewing functionality IntraNet Solutions' Outside In Viewer Technology provides," said Hiroaki Yokoyama, senior director for Mobile Computing Technologies. "The wide range of formats the product supports, as well as its ease-of-use, will drive the rapid adoption of this technology. We look forward to bringing these wireless viewing capabilities to our solid base of device manufacturers."

"Our agreement with MCT will accelerate the growth of our wireless solutions," said Scott Norder, vice president of strategy for IntraNet Solutions. "MCT has formed strong relationships with many leading wireless device and application manufacturers embedding the Tao operating system. We look forward to leveraging those existing alliances to help our Outside In wireless viewing and conversion technologies become the standard on Tao, just as it has on other mobile and wireless platforms."

Outside In Viewer Technology Features

Outside In Viewer Technology renders high-fidelity views of documents without accessing the documents' native applications. The product enables file viewing, printing and copy/paste functionality for more than 225 file formats, including word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, graphics and archive data types. The OIVT on Microsoft Windows CE and Symbian platforms offers high-fidelity views of more than 70 file formats on mobile and wireless devices. For information on how to obtain OIVT, contact IntraNet Solutions at (312) 692-5100.

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