iScribe Surpasses 1 Million Prescription Mark With Handheld Electronic Prescribing System

Adoption has Increased 100% in Last Two Months

iScribe, a leading developer of handheld technology solutions that enable physicians to efficiently perform routine healthcare transactions at the point of care, announced today that physicians have written more than 1 million electronic prescriptions on their handheld using the iScribe(TM) system. In addition, user adoption of the Web-downloadable iScribe i5000 has surged in the last two months, with nearly a 100% increase in uptake. The iScribe application is available today at no charge to any physician with a PalmOS-based handheld and access to the Internet.

"We have seen an incredible swell in physicians using the iScribe i5000, and the feedback we have received has been phenomenal," said David Levison, iScribe President and Chief Executive Officer. "With the iScribe i5000, we can meet the increasing demand from physicians who are looking to benefit from new point-of-care technology."

The iScribe i5000 offers a prescription-writing and charge capture coding reference system that physicians can easily download to their Palm-compatible handheld. With the i5000 prescription writer, prescribers are able to generate and print legible prescriptions that have been pre-checked for formulary coverage -- helping reduce the need for pharmacy callbacks.

We believe that the iScribe i5000 is the only electronic prescribing and coding reference system available for instantaneous download; physicians can immediately benefit from formulary- and ICD-9/CPT code-checking on the handheld. Moreover, iScribe has designed its application to be in compliance with state pharmacy regulations in all 50 states.

Physicians are incorporating the i5000 into their daily practice. Family practitioner Robert Morrow, MD, of Bronx, NY said, "The nice piece is that I haven't changed how I work. I don't turn my back to the patients to work at a keyboard, but hold the Palm between us like a regular Rx pad. They love the tech part, and I maintain personal contact, which is what primary care is about. But the product -- the script -- is legible, fits the formulary, and isn't an unobtainable dose."

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