Japan’s mti to become packetvideo’s first wireless rich media publisher

PacketVideo Corporation, the recognized leader in software for the delivery of rich media over today’s wireless networks, and Mobilephone Telecommunications International (MTI), Ltd., Japan’s leading mobile content provider, today announced that MTI has become PacketVideo’s first preferred wireless rich media publisher.

As a preferred publisher, MTI has licensed PacketVideo’s leading multimedia delivery platform - PVPlatformÔ - to create rich media services for mobile users, including live streaming lifestyle services such as restaurant and travel guides. MTI also plans to create a variety of rich media applications covering several genres, including communications, entertainment, information and m-commerce.

“MTI looks forward to working with PacketVideo to provide mobile users with advanced services that are tailored for the wireless medium,” said Toshihiro Maeta, president of MTI. “We are impressed with PacketVideo’s advanced technology that is optimized for the wireless environment and their understanding of creating a new business and culture that leverages rich media in innovative ways that address the needs of mobile users.”

PacketVideo plans to support MTI’s efforts through its Global Developer Network, a comprehensive program designed to empower application developers around the globe to build standards-based rich media applications for any mobile environment. The PacketVideo Global Developer Network will equip members with the technical and marketing resources necessary to successfully define, build, test and commercialize wireless rich media applications on PacketVideo’s leading platform for wireless multimedia delivery.

“PacketVideo is tremendously excited about the opportunity to work with MTI to enable them to create compelling rich media applications and services,” said Tadahisa Saito, general manager of PacketVideo Japan. “We firmly believe that the availability of rich media applications created for the unique needs of the mobile user is essential in driving the wireless multimedia industry forward. MTI’s expertise and relationships in the Japanese wireless industry, leadership in providing mobile content and services, and proactive stance in adopting cutting-edge technologies make it an ideal partner for PacketVideo. We will continue to support MTI in the expansion and solidification of its business, both in Japan and abroad.”

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